Patient Success Story – Meet Simon

We are proud of what we do. Every day, our patients reach new milestones, improving their independence, and ultimately, their lives. Going forward, we’ll share patient success stories, employee achievements, and the latest agency/industry news here in the Home Health Heartbeat as well as our various social media pages. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’re committed to helping you keep your finger on the pulse (get it?) of all that’s going on. THERAPY 2000 is a proven leader in achieving maximum outcomes through quality, innovative, clinically-excellent therapy. We’re delighted to share this story, which is just one example of how our patients receive the best care from the best therapists in the industry. Simon is an eight-year-old boy whose parents were told he would never walk… Born with Lowe Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes, brain, and kidneys, and occurs in one out of 500,000 people – almost exclusively in males – Simon has had a total of 24 surgeries to date. Children with Lowe Syndrome are often born with weak muscle tone from birth (neonatal hypotonia), which contributes to feeding challenges, difficulty breathing, and delayed development of motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking. Initially, Simon needed a g- button for nutrition. However, he is now able to eat specially prepared food. Simon receives Physical Therapy from Ann Tally, PT. His treatment has focused on helping him to become as independent as possible. The onset of seizures at age six, as well as multiple setbacks and hospitalizations, have not deterred Simon, and his family have provided continuous encouragement as he has reached motor milestones. About a year ago, Simon started walking without assistive devices. He recently went on vacation with his family and was able to enjoy the beach, the zoo, and boardwalk without […]

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Amanda Griffin, MD

An interview with Dr. Amanda Griffin of Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Amarillo

We had a quick sit-down with Dr. Griffin from Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center at Amarillo to learn more about her role as a pediatrician and when she feels the need to prescribe therapy to kids. 1. What is your background & how long have you been with TTUHSC? I grew up in the Kansas City area, attended College at Trinity University in San Antonio followed by medical school at the University Of Nebraska Medical Center. I did my residency in pediatrics here at Texas Tech in Amarillo and stayed on as faculty after I graduated. In total, I have been in Amarillo for 7.5 years now. 2. What does a typical day look like for you at TTUHSC? There is no typical day! Some weeks I see patients in clinic all day, other weeks I take care of patients in the hospital. I have a few specialty clinics throughout the week, including a diabetes clinic, special needs clinic, and adolescent clinic. I also supervised and teach residents and medical students in many of my clinics. I generally spend several hours a week doing paperwork, mostly for my patients with special needs. 3. What triggers you to make a referral? A patient that has a delay in their development typically triggers a referral for therapy. In addition, some older patients with injuries or back pain will benefit from therapy. Other patients with known medical conditions may not have delays yet but are known to show improvements with therapy and may be referred early. 4. What would you say are the most common ages you recognize delays & tend to refer patients for therapy services? Some children with severe delays, especially those born prematurely, may be referred by a few months of age. Others may be developing a little bit […]

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Chari-T2000 donates a weighted blanket for patient in need

Micaiah is an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, dysphagia, and seizures.  His occupational therapist, Rachel McClure, recommended a weighted blanket to help him focus, remain calm, and help with his sleep.  Mom could not afford the blanket on her own and requested the assistance of Chari-T2000.  Mom says Micaiah, “really seems to like the blanket” and that he, really benefits from the deep pressure.  The unique thing about these custom-made weighted blankets is that the blanket maker, AMF Supplies (and grandmother of a former T2K patient), makes the seams with velcro so that it is easy for parents to adjust the weights as needed.  Mom plans to adjust the weights, all the while monitoring how Micaiah responds, so that his new blanket will be the “perfect fit” for his needs.

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We accept Medicare Managed Care Health Plans- Star Kids & Star Health

T2k is in network and accepts Texas Medicaid Managed Care Health plans, including Star Kids & Star Health. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about your Medicaid Managed Care Plans therapy coverage. We are here to help our families through the transition. For more information about Therapy 2000 careers or services, contact us. texas-map

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