Employee Spotlight- Michelle

Meet Michelle Tebout, a Therapy 2000 Speech-Language Pathologist in our DFW division. She was born and raised in Northwest Indiana (near Chicago/Lake Michigan) and recently moved to Fort Worth to enjoy the warmer weather. Education Michelle received her Bachelor’s degree from Indiana University-Bloomington and a Master’s from Indiana State University. Michelle was introduced to speech therapy by a sorority sister who encouraged her to take a speech/audiology class and was immediately hooked. The more Michelle learned, the more she fell in love with the field.  She loves working in pediatric home health because the setting allows her to work alongside caregivers in the child’s environment, and it requires quick thinking Hobbies in Fort Worth and Around the World Michelle comes from a big family. She has three older brothers and four nieces/nephews. They very close-knit, and she has already welcomed a few visitors since moving here three months ago! She is having fun getting to know Fort Worth and eating at various restaurants. Some of Michelle’s hobbies include traveling the world, cycling, hiking and spending time with her 8-month-old puppy, Mowgli. Michelle has traveled several places over the years, and her favorite so far was Bangkok, Thailand.  Her next travel destination is Barcelona, Spain Pediatric Background In Indiana, Michelle worked in a pediatric clinic where she served both ECI and private-pay patients. She has also for an acute-care hospital. Since graduating, Michelle’s passion has been working with the pediatric population. She enjoys early language development as well as helping patients with ASD and motor-planning difficulties. Michelle is excited to expand her knowledge on feeding interventions in the next year. She is looking forward to meeting and working with other therapists throughout the organization.

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training at aural rehab class for toddlers

Raising Awareness of Disorders in China

In addition to working at THERAPY 2000, Lucy Liu, audiologist and SLP, has spent part of the last three years working on audiology and SLP projects in China. In addition to working at THERAPY 2000, Lucy Liu, audiologist and SLP, has spent part of the last three years working on audiology and SLP projects in China. She has been helping train people working at rehabilitation centers in different cities in China. Currently China does not have language assessment tests and Lucy is making an effort to form a language assessment development team to collaborate with the linguists in China to establish these fundamental assessments. In conjunction with UT Dallas Callier Center for Communication Disorders, she is also making an effort to provide SLP basic trainings through Tianjin Normal University. Fluent in English, Mandarin, and Cantonese, Lucy has also been providing regular audiological and speech language consultation for Tongren Hospital a leading hospital in Beijing, China, famous for both its ophthalmology and otolaryngology work.There are very few trained audiologists and speech-language pathologists in China for such a very large population. In addition to the lack of trained individuals, Lucy explained, “Overall, there is simply low awareness of certain disorders.” The equipment at the hospital and school is state of the art, yet the training to use the equipment properly is lacking. On one of her recent visits Lucy went to a pediatric cerebral palsy rehabilitation center to help establish audiological testing. While she was at the center she realized there was a need to address the feeding issues that many of the patients with cerebral palsy were exhibiting, a normal part of treatment in the United States. Lucy inquired what kind of feeding therapy the therapists were practicing with the patients and they said none, since the patients had no problems […]

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