Kimberley (Kimmy) Gibson is an RN with a background in pediatric GI transplants. Prior to becoming a nurse, she was a member of the Therapy 2000 professional advisory committee as a “parent advisor.” Kimmy was personally involved with home health therapy while raising 2 sons with disabilities. Her experiences with her kids encouraged her to pursue a career in helping other families with similar needs. Kimmy started with T2K in 2008 as an RN case manager. She then worked as a Patient Services Manager and had a team of Social Workers, Nurses and other support staff working with several divisions. In 2015, she took over the role as Director of Patient Services for all 6 divisions across Texas. Kimmy leads a team of managers that monitor patient services from referral to admit, ensuring patients are receiving appropriate therapy and clinically excellent services. Her team is responsible for assessing changes in the home health therapy industry and to modify internal processes to meet these changes.

Kimmy is also involved with Chari-T2000. She joined the board at its inception in 2010 and is now serving as President of the Board of Directors.