HAPPY 15th T2K!

Dear T2K family –

T2K is turning fifteen years old tomorrow. May 21, 2001, was the day we admitted our first three patients to the care of the agency. In the past fifteen years, we have cared for thousands of patients and employed hundreds of clinicians and support staff who share a passion for helping children with disabilities and developmental delays. We have expanded throughout the state, have started advanced clinical care programs, and have successfully responded to industry challenges. We have developed a reputation for ethical, evidence-based care.

Our fifteenth birthday comes at a time of significant transition in our industry. Our state funding is under pressure. Standards of excellence are evolving at a more rapid pace than ever before due to research in our fields. And at a time where Managed Care Organizations seem to be changing medical necessity criteria almost weekly, the disabled population is moving from traditional Medicaid to managed care.

I have been asked recently whether, given the challenges in our industry, I continue to feel optimistic about our company’s future. My answer has been the same every time: “I am optimistic about our future BECAUSE of the challenges in our industry!”

Pediatric homecare is moving from volume to value- and THERAPY 2000 is, and will continue to be, a leading voice in the changing healthcare paradigm. For fifteen years, we have grown our clinical expertise. We have developed the highest quality internal training, and continue to attract nationally known speakers to enrich our clinicians. Referral sources, medical professionals, and large, statewide Managed Care Organizations praise the quality of our care and refer to us because they trust our commitment to excellence.

In addition, our statewide presence positions us better for our future. Managed Care Organizations are looking for providers who can truly partner with them. Being one of the largest providers inTexas puts us in a great position to explore these partnerships with them.

I am incredibly grateful for the successes we have celebrated over the past fifteen years, and I thank each and every one of you, currently and formerly employed for helping this 2001 newborn become such a well behaved and healthy teenager! I look forward to many more successes with all of you in the next years.

Happy Birthday T2K! Here’s to many more! – Jerre van den Bent

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