About Us

Established twenty one years ago, THERAPY 2000 continues to deliver the highest quality individualized home care rehabilitation services to the children in Texas. We visit patients in the comfort of their home or day care. THERAPY 2000 provides occupational, physical, and speech therapy services to children (birth-21) with special needs, including disabilities, developmental delays and autism spectrum disorders. We love what we do! Our mission is to improve the lives of everyone we work with, including our valuable patients and families as well as the therapists and staff who work within the company.

We Improve Lives!

Our Mission

Our Patients

We promise services delivered within the strictest standards of professionalism and with the compassion, ethics and warmth that reflect our company spirit. We respect you, your loved ones and your home. We listen to you and encourage participation in your own care.

Our Employees

We recognize and celebrate you as our greatest asset. We are committed to a stable work environment with unparalleled opportunity for learning and personal growth. We encourage feedback from any staff member at any time to promote satisfaction in the workplace and to improve the quality of our services. We will treat you with the same concern, care and respect that we expect you to demonstrate when caring for our patients and their families. Join us.

Professionals With Whom We Work

We understand that we are a small part in a much bigger picture. We pledge to work with everyone involved in the care of our patients. We listen to your concerns, and we build alliances with you to collectively enhance the lives of our patients.

Our Values

  • We Strive for Excellence – In the clinical care we deliver, in the way we document that care, and in the support systems we set up in our offices. We are always on the lookout for opportunities to improve
  • We Unleash Potential – We see potential in the children we treat, in their caregivers, and in ourselves. We celebrate those employees who take advantage of the growth opportunities we offer, and who use the new tools they learn to help our patients reach their potential.
  • We Make it Fun – T2K selects employees who bring passion to the workplace, whether you work in one of our offices, or whether your workplace is a patient’s home. We believe that having a good time at work is as important as striving for great outcomes.
  • We Show Integrity – We set the highest standards for our corporate compliance and billing processes. We create an open atmosphere where employees at all levels can speak up and offer opportunities for improvement without fear of reprisal.
  • We Celebrate Diversity – We recognize that our employees and the families we serve come from an enormous variety of ethnic and national backgrounds. We approach our differences as opportunities for learning and personal growth.
  • We Give Back – Whether you contribute to Chari-T2000, or serve as a volunteer for your professional association or for a Charity organization, we encourage you to give back and enrich our world in ways that go beyond your day-to-day responsibilities.

Therapy 2000 office

Our History

Jerre e1352742646761 THERAPY 2000 opened its doors in 2000 with a simple philosophy – always do what is right, never what is just easy. The company operates by this philosophy at all times. This foundation has developed into a set of rigorous service goals that are the agency’s heart and soul. These values have helped establish THERAPY 2000 as the leading provider of home-based children’s therapy services in Texas.

When Jerre van den Bent, PT, THERAPY 2000′s Administrator, founded the agency in 2000, he was determined that it would not be just another ordinary home care agency. Both patient and therapist were to be held in extremely high regard.

To make sure the philosophy came to life the agency established and operates on a set of six core values – we strive for excellence, we unleash potential, we make it fun, we show integrity, we celebrate diversity and we give back. This strong foundation has built THERAPY 2000 up from a small company that started out of the basement of Jerre’s house serving only five patients to having seven divisions across Texas that served 3,600 valued patients in 2013 alone.

What Our Clients Say

Nicole was amazing when we had her she definitely went above and beyond for us. You can tell she really love her job and what she does. We also have Marlen and she as well has gone above and beyond for us. Marlen has been helpful especially when my child tends to push back. He sure does keep her on her toes and she has been amazing to try to get him to either transition or get back on task. Both of these ladies have been a god sent to us. I would like to thank them for all their hard work and all the help that they have done to help me with my son.Thank you for everything I know my son wouldn’t be where he is without their help.

Claudia C

Marissa & Dakota have been truly wonderful with helping my child. Their attentiveness, kindness, and passion to help my child get to where he needs to be has been absolutely wonderful. The transition and accommodations they provide make speech and occupational therapy for my child remarkable. It definitely puts me, as a parent, at ease knowing he’s getting exceptional care to help my son and get him where he needs to be.


Nikki Is such a SUPER THERAPIST. She has something about her that makes you comfortable. My son instantly reacted to her and her skills. Other therapist have came to me to express how awesome she is. Literally the best therapy my son has received in 4 years. She is a keeper and I never want to leave Therapy 2000 because of her.

Tina C

Jessica And Krystle are truely the BEST! I love them my daughter gets so sadden when her session is over. They absolutly love their job and i can tell because of the way they carry themselves. Thank yall so much! For making a change and impact on kiddos especially mines.

Karla S

The amount of dedication and care my daughter has received from her speech therapist Sarah has been amazing. She has been an absolute god sent to my family and we would never want anyone else for our daughter. Just hope she gets the recognition that she deserves.

Samantha S

Louise has been amazing with communication. She keeps us updated and even sends us videos. This is so helpful for us as we can now see how to model and help our daughter. Communication is huge in anything we do and Louise knows how to do excellent communication.

Cassie M

My daughter has two Therapy 2000 therapists helping her reach her full potential: Jessica and Heather. Before Heather we had Lindsay . We have loved all of these women! We are so blessed to have (had) them in our lives! I always tell people to get therapies from your agency!


Jessica and Keri are absolutely amazing. They have done so much for my foster baby girl. They are personable, professional and compassionate. I sincerely appreciate who they are and how hard they work!


Both my sons do speech therapy and one used to do OT as well. The boys adore Kelsie Morgan and now that she is on maternity leave, they love Mr. Marc. Your therapists are great! Any issues I have are usually me forgetting a session and they are so understanding! I am extremely happy with the services I have received!


Ms. Lisa is by far the best therapist! My children love her and her positive energy even on days when my children make it more difficult

Ana G

The therapist assigned (Sarah) is fantastic. She reaches our child at his level and engages with him through his interests.

Joanne P

Erica is a lovely therapist. She and my son built a great relationship and he learned so much while under her care.

Esther C

My son’s therapist, Marianna, is amazing with him and he always looks forward to his sessions. He’s made a lot of improvements thanks to her.

MaryAnna W

My child received OT for a year in the past. He hated it and wasn’t looking forward to starting again. That changed when he started working with you. He loves OT now and looks forward to his sessions. She is really helping him with his handwriting and he feels more confident.

Valerie C

We are very grateful for all the help from our therapists. It helps, them making the time to come over and work with the kiddos at our home.

Michael C

Kelly our therapist for our baby has been top notch. She is patient and knowledgeable to all of our questions. She has given us great advice on ways we can help our baby.

Rosalie R

I’m so thankful that Ms. Jennifer comes to us! This saves me time, I don’t have to miss work, and he doesn’t have to miss school, to get the help he needs. 😊

Jenn is my two kids therapist and she is TOP of the Line. She connects with them in such a positive and productive way. They are learning so much in the time that we have had her. She is a gem in your organization.

Ann W

My son Therapist is Awsome. Thank you so much for allowing her to work with him!!! She is a blessing 🙌