Meet Jesus: Patient Success Story

“I had concerns about Jesus because he was not talking or communicating with us. He would become frustrated and was always throwing tantrums, yelling, and crying to communicate with us. However, I honestly felt skeptical about speech therapy services.” –mother of patient before starting speech therapy. One thing all pediatric therapists like – a challenge! […]

Meet Rylee: Patient Success Story

Rylee, the little rascal, met her therapist friends after coming home from a long hospitalization. Life in the NICU is hard, so when Rylee was discharged, she had a lot of ground to cover to catch up on all the things she missed in the first couple months of her life. Luckily, she was a […]

Meet Jacson: Patient Success Story

When Jackson met April (SLP), he would only eat a few foods and frequently over-stuffed or pocketed food in his mouth, making mealtimes stressful for the whole family. He also had limited language and joint attention skills, resulting in difficulty getting his wants/needs met and interacting with his family. April knew Jackson was full of […]

Meet JT: Patient Success Story

JT and his family moved to the Lone Star State and started therapy services with Therapy 2000 after the pandemic. His therapy team quickly learned that JT was a very unique little boy for many reasons, including being one of nine people in the world with his diagnosis of TPI (triosephosphate isomerase deficiency), which prevents […]