Meet Mateo: Patient Success Story

Messy-mouthed Mateo hasn’t always had a messy mouth when eating, as he had to rely on a g-tube to meet his nutritional needs for the first part of his life. After spending some time in NICU, he was able to go home with his family with diagnoses of oral-pharyngeal dysphagia, pediatric feeding disorder, and plagiocephaly. […]

Meet James: Patient Success Story

James is a playful, five year old boy on the autism spectrum who is known for “James-isms” or funny things James says during therapy sessions. He is famously known for telling his PT to “have a weekend!” when telling him goodbye – no matter what day of the week they have therapy visits! He was […]

Meet David: Patient Success Story

Help us celebrate David’s 6th birthday with him at his first ever birthday party! His mom never imagined she would be able to celebrate her son at a party, and that he would actually enjoy it, due to limited communication skills, difficulty following simple instructions, inability to participate in structured activities, and aggressive behaviors. David’s […]

Meet Bella: Patient Success Story

Bella is a creative and enthusiastic, almost ten year old young lady who graduated from speech therapy services in February 2023. She was referred because she struggled with pronouncing advanced speech sounds, specifically words that included a ‘r’, making it difficult for her to be understood when having conversations with people who were unfamiliar with […]

Meet Lucrecia: Patient Success Story

Lucrecia is a beautiful and imaginative 2-year-old! At initial evaluation, caregivers were concerned with Lucrecia’s communication skills as she was verbally limited to a few words and often utilized gestures and pushing/pulling behaviors to communicate her basic wants and needs. This often led to increased frustration as Mom and Dad did not have the tools […]