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Patient Success Story: Noah

Noah is a ten-year-old sweet and happy boy who was referred for physical therapy by a Therapy 2000 COTA. The COTA observed the need for assistance in strengthening, general conditioning, and balance/coordination. The physical therapy evaluation identified Noah struggled with coordinated motor acti...
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Patient Success Story: Gustavo

Gustavo is an energetic four-year-old who was diagnosed with other lack of expected normal physiological development in childhood and Microcephaly. Gustavo was initially unable to stand, walk, and sustain short sitting position without dependent assist to prevent loss of balance and risk of injury. ...
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Patient Success Story: Camden

When Camden started therapy, he was three and a half; this July, he turned five! His favorite activities are bubbles, puzzles, throwing balls, racing cars, building blocks, and pretend play with his kitchen and food. He also loves swimming during the summer! At the time of the initial referral, Camd...
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