Judah 2

Success Story: Judah

Judah is a 19-year-old man who was adopted from a Bulgarian orphanage by his when he was 11. Spending most of his early years in a crib, he had little social or cognitive stimulation. As a result, Judah has a history of reactive attachment disorder and other psychological concerns, including Autisti...
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Grayson b 1 jennifer womack 1

Success Story: Grayson

When Grayson was first evaluated for speech therapy at five years old, his mother could understand only about half of his speech, Many times, Grayson couldn’t be understood at all, and he would withdraw and walk away. Summer 2020 was very difficult for Grayson and his mother. Grayson’s mother wa...
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Bryson brothers park

Success Story: Bryson

Bryson – an adorable seven-year-old boy who spent two years in a residential care facility following a traumatic birth – now shows his family and caregivers on a daily basis what hard work and determination really is. Shortly after his birth, Bryson had a trach placed and eventually required a v...
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Success Story: Kynzi

Kynzi suffered a brain injury at four months old, resulting in developmental regression and severe seizures. At two, Kynzi was placed on medication and a diet plan to control her seizures, however, she further regressed and began losing weight. Due to weakness, weight loss, and consistent aspiration...
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