Success Story: Bryson

Bryson – an adorable seven-year-old boy who spent two years in a residential care facility following a traumatic birth – now shows his family and caregivers on a daily basis what hard work and determination really is. Shortly after his birth, Bryson had a trach placed and eventually required a v...
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Success Story: Kynzi

Kynzi suffered a brain injury at four months old, resulting in developmental regression and severe seizures. At two, Kynzi was placed on medication and a diet plan to control her seizures, however, she further regressed and began losing weight. Due to weakness, weight loss, and consistent aspiration...
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Success Story: JJ

JJ started feeding speech therapy with mild-moderate oral dysphagia characterized by a poor labial seal, resulting in an excessive intake of air, uncoordinated SSB pattern and sideline/elevated feedings. Additionally, his latch was easy to release due to overall oral weakness, leading to multiple br...
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