Celebrating Service- THERAPY 2000 Anniversaries

At THERAPY 2000 our employees are our most valuable asset!  We know how important it is that we recognize and honor your service and commitment to the communities and families that you serve as well as the organization.  Therefore, we want to honor you by celebrating those milestone years of service!  Look forward to THERAPY 2000 unrolling more employee recognition perks this fall.


celebrating services 1

Celebrating 1 year of service:

You made it!  One year of service is no small feat, we are glad you have completed your first milestone of service with Therapy 2000.  As you reach for the next milestone we strive to continue creating the A.U.E.E (Absolute Ultimate Employee Experience)
  1. Heather Altman
  2. Elizabeth Bailey
  3. Kavon Davis
  4. Zee Davis
  5. Cathryn Donaghey
  6. Chancy Huffman
  7. Judy Karrenbrock
  8. Jenny Katz
  9. Jessica Kelley
  10. Claudia Ramon
  11. Catherine Singletary
  12. Marnie Stone
  13. Rhiannon Thomas
  14. Leah Walsh
  15. Adam Weimer
  16. Holly Wilhelm

Celebrating 5 years of Service:

Congratulations and thank you for your service and commitment of five years of service at THERAPY 2000.  We value the time, talents and tenure you have shared with THERAPY 2000.
  1. Anabel Cabrera
  2. Joyce Carter
  3. Elizabeth Darby
  4. Haley Hilton
  5. Katherine Neal
  6. Guillermo Netro
  7. Rachel Smith
  8. Javier Trillo

Celebrating 10 years of Service:

Time flies when you are having fun!  Congratulations and thank you for your continued dedication and support of THERAPY 2000.  The contributions that you have made  are greatly appreciated and so are you!
  1. Lauren Blackwood
  2. Tonya Ferguson
  3. Lucel Forte-Foster
  4. Akilah Muhammad
  5. Tamara Myers
  6. Victoria Piper
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