Chari-T2000 Spotlight- Adrian

Chari-T2000 has annual funding to for various types of needs and items.  This year, Chari-t2000 helped Adrian and his family purchase a wheelchair-accessible van earlier this year before the van funding was depleted. Adrian’s momsearched she had searched a long time for help and kept hearing “no” and “we don’t have funding.” She was feeling defeated since she knew she was running out of options, but she was determined to keep fighting for her child.She found and applied to our charity in the hopes that we could give her that “one last chance”. Thankfully, we had the funds at the time to help. Mom says, “Chari-T2000 was an answer to prayer!” and she vowed to “pay it forward” and help other families in their time of need. Please help us give more families that “one last chance” at obtaining mobility freedom and improved quality of life by donating today at

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