Chari-T2000 donates a weighted blanket for patient in need

Micaiah Wilson Micaiah is an 11-year-old boy with cerebral palsy, dysphagia, and seizures.  His occupational therapist, Rachel McClure, recommended a weighted blanket to help him focus, remain calm, and help with his sleep.  Mom could not afford the blanket on her own and requested the assistance of Chari-T2000.  Mom says Micaiah, “really seems to like the blanket” and that he, really benefits from the deep pressure.  The unique thing about these custom-made weighted blankets is that the blanket maker, AMF Supplies (and grandmother of a former T2K patient), makes the seams with velcro so that it is easy for parents to adjust the weights as needed.  Mom plans to adjust the weights, all the while monitoring how Micaiah responds, so that his new blanket will be the “perfect fit” for his needs.

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