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Erin bellue Congratulations Erin Bellue, THERAPY 2000 Dallas SLP and Team Manager, on her election as VP of Educational and Scientific Affairs. At the annual Texas Speech Language Hearing Association (TSHA) business meeting, Erin was elected VP of Educational and Scientific Affairs. This important role oversees all of the TSHA Annual Convention Committees. Erin will begin her “elect” year in July 2014 and will officially become VP in July 2015 with a term lasting through July 2017. Erin has previously served in the following roles: Program Committee Co-Chair, Exhibits Co-Chair, Job Placement Co-Chair, Program Committee Posters Strand Chair, Local Arrangements Committee Member and Task Force Member. We know first-hand the dedication and passion Erin brings to everything she is involved with, so we know she will do a great job. Congrats Erin!

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