Elastic Therapeutic Taping: Facilitate Oral Motor Planning for Feeding and Speaking

November 11, 2016 9:00am - 12:10pm

*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*

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This course is pending 3 CEUs from TSHA.

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Edith Young, M.A., CCC/SLP and Treva Blackman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Course Location:

Therapy 2000

2535 Lone Star Dr.

Dallas, TX

Course Description:

Elastic Therapeutic Taping (ETT) is a modality that facilitates oral motor planning and strengthening for safe feeding and improved speed clarity. SLPs need the most current global research and uses of ETT to improve oro-pharyngeal function. Providing stability and proprioception to elicit quality fine motor movements: a dream or reality?

Elastic Therapeutic Taping (ETT) is a modality which offers some exciting results for oral motor planning which in turn, appears to improve functional ADLs such as eating and speaking. Participants will review the latest global research and determine muscles for tape application to coordinate better oro-pharyngeal function. Case studies will be reviewed showing effected change in drooling & improved tongue tip movements when S+Tape is applied in the sub-mandibular region. Increased lip rounding and improved labial seal for sucking, drinking and eating will be shown with evidence in case studies with a variety of large and mini tape applications supporting the orbicularis oris and buccinators.

ETT applied to facial muscles has been observed to reduce mandibular jaw instability, thus, improving speech intelligibility. Speakers will use PowerPoint presentation, discussion and practical hands-on application to further explore the benefits of ETT.  Participants will depend on their problem solving and clinical reasoning skills to determine better functional outcomes while pairing this modality with other oral activities. Effective documentation of routine visits with defined terms to promote clear understanding of medical necessity will be developed & reviewed in group discussion.


Learner Objectives:

1: The participant will identify functional uses for Elastic Therapeutic Taping to support feeding and speaking.
2: The participant will  list the contraindications for Elastic Therapeutic Taping and discuss the importance of proper skin care before, during and after taping.
3: The participant will demonstrate therapeutic taping for saliva management, labial rounding and jaw stability.
4: The participant will perform clinical reasoning to determine appropriate tape brands, tape applications and tape placements for improved oral motor planning.



About Our Speaker:

Edith Young M.A. CCC-SLP

Edith Young, M.A., CCC/SLP works for Therapy 2000.  She has worked as a SLP for 30+ years with a focus on Feeding, Swallowing, and Apraxia for adults and pediatrics.  Mrs. Young has worked in school districts, skilled nursing facilities, home health, and had her own private practice for 15+ years.  She co-authored 4 publications with her colleague, Mrs. Blackman on reading comprehension, grammar, and word meanings..

Treva Blackman, M.S., CCC/SLP

Treva Blackman, M.S., CCC/SLP works for Sage Care Therapy Services. She has worked in home health, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, private clinics, school districts and private practice. Mrs. Blackman has 30+ years of experience with a focus on Feeding and Swallowing therapy for adults and pediatrics.  In addition to treating patients, Mrs. Blackman has served as a Feeding Mentor.


*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*


“Based on our CEU application method, TSHA requires all speech professionals miss no more than 10 minutes of class to receive full credit. Partial credit is not available for speech therapistsIf you are late to class at start or after break by more than 10 minutes, no credit can be granted, although you are still warmly welcome to attend.”

Thank You for your understanding of this externally mandated requirement.

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