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Webinar – Gestalt Language Processing and Natural Language Acquisition

Audience: ST, OT, PT

CEU Hours: 3 CEUs approved by TSHA, TOTA, TPTA

Time: 2:00pm-5:15pm

Cost & Registration:

Location: Webinar; Might be Watch Parties in some locations around the state as well – stay tuned for updates!

Note for T2K/GAT Therapists: we do not have permission to record this training; it will not be available later OnDemand

Facilitator: Kathryn Arnold, MCD, CCC-SLP from Meaningful Speech (


This presentation will review echolalia and its role in gestalt language development. We will take a look at the difference between analytic language development and gestalt language development, as well as, how to identify if a child is a gestalt language processor. The stages of Natural Language Acquisition (NLA) will be outlined and an in-depth look at laying the foundation for effective assessment and treatment of natural language development for gestalt language processors will be made. Assessment in terms of language sampling and scoring within the NLA framework will be discussed, as well as, establishing goals and language supports for gestalt language processors at each stage of NLA


Following this training, participants will be able to:

  1.  list differences between analytic language processors and gestalt language processors
  2. list markers that may indicate a child is a gestalt language processor
  3. describe what a child-led environment is and its importance in supporting Natural Language Acquisition
  4. describe language sampling guidelines and scoring criteria for assessment of gestalt language development.


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