February 4, 2022 - 8:30 am

WEBINAR – Cleft Palate and VPI: Assessment, Treatment, and Case Management through Video Analysis

*This is a CLOSED training for THERAPY 2000 / GAT therapists only

Audience: ST

Prerequisite Training: https://therapy2000.sharepoint.com/sites/On-DemandCEUClasses/SitePages/Speech-Resonance-Disorders-Secondary-to-Cleft-Palate-%26-Velopharyngeal-Dysfunction–.aspx

CEU Hours: 3 Hours approved by TSHA

Time: 8:30am – 11:45am

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Location: Webinar

Facilitator: Lori Cochran, MS CCC-SLP


With participants having a strong foundation from previous coursework by Ann Kummer, this course will review VPI assessment and intervention with a focus on interactive learning and video analysis. Participants are encouraged to submit case studies and videos prior to the course and prepare questions regarding children on their current caseloads. The course will cover assessment of VPI and treatment planning, intervention considerations for pre- and post- VPI surgery, target selection, and strategies for specific speech-sound errors. It will also cover case management issues such as communication with the child’s cleft team. Throughout the workshop, participants are encouraged to be active participants in their learning. There will be multiple opportunities for audience participation in order to practice sound productions, respond to video diagnostics, and participate in discussions and polls.


As a result of this presentation the participant will be able to…
1. Assess whether a child’s speech disorder is caused by VPI or velopharyngeal mislearning
2. Utilize a protocol for assessment of resonance and velopharyngeal function
3. Contrast compensatory errors with obligatory distortions in a child’s speech
4. Explain when a referral to ENT or cleft palate team is necessary
5. Contrast the aims of speech therapy before and after VPI surgery
6. Implement 3 specific treatment techniques for articulation errors related to VPI

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