August 26, 2022 - 9:00 am

WEBINAR – Foundations in Feeding (Part 2)

*This is a CLOSED training for THERAPY 2000 / GAT employees only

Audience: ST & OT Feeding Therapists

CEU Hours: 3 Hours to be approved by TSHA and TOTA

Time: 9:00am-12:15pm

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Location: Webinar

Facilitators: Abigail Garner MS, OT; Lisa Sperry MA, CCC-SLP; Stephanie Quintana Varnau MS, CCC-SLP; Alicia Canada MS, CCC-SLP; Rosemarie LaMonica MS, CCC-SLP; Courtni Marshall MS, CCC-SLP


In part 1 of this foundational course, we learned about what foundational feeding skills are necessary to begin treating feeding and swallowing disorders. Anatomy and physiology, etiology, assessment, and a brief overview of treatment was discussed. In this course, a thorough review of popular feeding and swallowing therapy techniques will be completed within the context of case studies. You will learn the evidence basis for the approaches discussed, and you will be given examples of how documentation could look for each. This course will require a buddy because hands-on practice throughout the course will be conducted.


  1. Explain the importance of and the impact of positioning on the whole body including while feeding.
  2. Return demonstrate 4-5 “steps” for scaffolding to improve sensory awareness in regards to the feeding process.
  3. Describe at least 5-6 signs of behavior and their potential correlated meaning, which provide the foundation for a responsive feeding relationship.
  4. Explain 3 components of a behavior management approach with regards to feeding.
  5. Demonstrate 2-3 positive orofacial sensory stimulation techniques to improve oral motor function and normalize sensory input.
  6. Return demonstrate 2-3 techniques to increase patient’s labial and lingual musculature as well as chewing patterns according to their decreased oral motor skills.

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