July 23, 2021 - 9:00 am

WEBINAR – The Power of Play: Encouraging Engagement and Development in Pediatric Therapy

*This is a CLOSED training for THERAPY 2000 / GAT therapists only

Audience: ST/OT/PT

CEU Hours: 3 Hours

Time: 9:00am – 12:15pm

Location: Webinar

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Facilitators: Stephanie Cone, PT, MPT; Vanessa Reynolds, MS, CCC-SLP; Casey Burcalow, OTR;  & Taylor Zalesky, OTR, MOT

Description: One of the most motivating and meaningful ways for a child to learn is through play. Home based therapists incorporate play into their treatment sessions and parent training regularly. At times, therapists struggle with identifying how to engage a child with complex, medical needs in adaptive play activities and to make those play activities meaningful. This course will focus on the research behind play as an intervention model for all disciplines and discuss the play behaviors of children with typical play skills as well as those with complex needs. Therapists will learn play based strategies to incorporate into their treatment sessions while active field staff therapists will share their latest adaptive and/or low cost creations!

Objectives: Following this training, participants will be able to…

1. Define playful interventions as a treatment model for pediatric therapies.
2. Identify a child’s current play level based on their abilities and needs.
3. Name typical play development norms across pediatric age groups
4. List at least one way to incorporate play into family routines.

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