Hearing Loss 101: Pediatrics

June 9, 2017 9:30am - 12:55pm

*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*

This event is open to OT/ST

Approval is pending for 3 CEUs by TOTA, approved for 3 CEUs by TSHA



Ashley S. Fairleigh, M.S., CCC-SLP & Martha L. Rivera, M.A., CCC-A

Course Location:

Central Market

4001 N Lamar St.

Austin, TX 78756


9:30am to 12:55pm

Course Description:

In this 3- hour course, professionals will gain a better understanding of the anatomy and physiology of the ear, the normal pathway for hearing, understand and describe the various types of hearing loss and amplification options for children with hearing loss including implantable hearing solutions. Participants will be able to identify a conductive loss, mixed and sensorineural loss per audiogram review and predict amplification options for that child based on audiogram results. Participants will increase knowledge in reading and interpreting audiograms from unaided testing, aided testing, tympanometry, SRT, SAT and dB levels. Participants will learn various parts of hearing technology (hearing aids and implantable hearing solutions) and learn to troubleshoot hearing aids via listening checks. Participants will understand the role of the speech language pathologist plays when working with children with hearing loss and learn various professional roles that interface with children with hearing loss including: parent advisor, educational audiologist, teacher of the deaf, etc. The overall purpose of this seminar is to increase knowledge of hearing loss for STs and OTs so that the children we serve achieve safety in the home environment and for increased communication for increased independence in hearing/understanding for play occupation to interact w/peers and family members in the home environment.

About Our Speakers:

Ashley S. Fairleigh, M.S., CCC-SLP  

Ashley Fairleigh is a Speech Language Pathologist with fifteen years of experience with pediatrics. She enjoys working with children of all abilities and has experience in working with children with various language disorders including receptive and expressive language disorders, social/pragmatic disorders, apraxia, aphasia, stuttering, hearing loss, cochlear implants, articulation and phonological disorders and feeding mismanagement. She is part of the pediatric cochlear implant team in Austin. She has worked with teams consisting of teachers, therapists, audiologists, surgeons, and parents on a variety of topics. She enjoys presenting on various topics regarding language disorders at regional, state and national conferences. She is a certified Master Trainer through the Texas Registry and teaches sign language classes to early educators and adult learners. She worked for Cochlear Americas for 4 years and is also a licensed Hearing Instrument Fitter & Dispenser. She lives in Austin with her husband and her two girls. Ashley is a returned Peace Corps Volunteer and served 27 months in Niger, West Africa. She enjoys running (even when no one is chasing her), the outdoors, taking care of her 6 backyard chickens and rabbit, traveling and listening to live music.

Martha L. Rivera, M.A., CCC-A

Martha Rivera is an educational audiologist with the Region XIII Regional Day School Program for the Deaf. Previous to this she worked as a pediatric audiologist with Children’s ENT Clinic in Austin, TX. Martha works with children ages 0-18yrs and their families helping to facilitate amplification, educational resources and family empowerment. She specializes in the diagnosis and rehabilitation of hearing loss, with extensive experience in amplification devices, including hearing aids and cochlear implants and is a member of the Seton ENT Cochlear Implant Team. Martha has presented at the 2016 Texas School for The Deaf Family Weekend both in English and Spanish.

Learner Objectives:

1. Participants will view 4 audiograms and describe the hearing loss.

2. Participants will interpret 4 audiograms and list hearing solutions based on the hearing loss.

3. Participants will label 5 components of a hearing aid

4.Participants will list 3 necessary steps in a Listening Check,

5. Participants will list 4 professionals involved in the care of a child with hearing loss.

6. Participants will describe 1 role each professional plays when working with children with hearing loss.


9:30am to 12:55pm



“Based on our CEU application method, TSHA requires all speech professionals miss no more than 10 minutes of class to receive full credit. Partial credit is not available for speech therapistsIf you are late to class at start or after break by more than 10 minutes, no credit can be granted, although you are still warmly welcome to attend.”

Thank You for your understanding of this externally mandated requirement.


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