Home Care 100 Conference

jerre vanLast week, I was invited to attend the Home Care 100 conference in Bastrop, Texas. I have attended a lot of conferences over the years (and eaten a lot of pastries along the way) and this one was different. The attendees were CEOs from the 100 largest home care providers in the nation. The conference’s informative sessions were designed to stimulate thinking and discussion with an eye towards the future of the industry.

The conference was informative and intense. CEOs from top home care companies were readily available for questioning. I met some new mentors and had some amazing networking opportunities. I attended programs like, Designing the Ideal Healthcare Delivery System in the Home and Partnership is the New Leadership. I learned about strategic planning, and had some great discussions related to employee engagement. I got asked a lot of questions, and came back super energized!

I left the conference feeling really good about our industry and the direction we are moving in with THERAPY 2000. I believe that if we continue to invest in the work experience of our valued employees, and in the quality of care that we deliver, we will continue to grow and thrive. I look forward to the changes that will continue to come in the next five and ten years, and plan on THERAPY 2000 being ready for them. Bring it on!

-Jerre van den Bent (THERAPY 2000 CEO)

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