Important! Advocacy Alert- We need your help!

therapy logoDear T2K Family:

Thank you for participating in our advocacy efforts during the legislative session!  Your calls, emails and legislative visits MADE A DIFFERENCE!  BECAUSE OF YOU, we made it through the regular legislative session successfully!  Each and every voice counts, and now we need your help again. 

 Current situation: 

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has proposed a 3% reduction in Medicaid Payment Rates for Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapy provided by a Home Health Agency.   A public hearing will be held this week on Wednesday.  Additional decreases to our reimbursement will lead to a lack of quality access to care for the children we serve.

What we need: 

We need everyone to call your Texas State Senator and Texas State Representative as soon as possible TODAYand ask them to contact HHSC on our behalf today.

How you can do it: 

  1.  You will find your senator and representative’s contact information through this link .  Type in your home address, and your senator and representative’s information will be found under Texas State Senator and Texas State Representative.   Please call both your Texas State Senator and your Texas State Representative at his/her Capitol office.  This number will begin with a 512 area code.
  2. Ask your senator and representative to contact HHSC Commissioner Kyle Janek at 512-424-6502 or by email  and oppose the proposed reductions in pediatric therapy reimbursements.  Ask your senator and representative to also advise Commissioner Janek of the following:
    • The arbitrary 3% reimbursement decrease proposed by HHSC does not reflect language described in Rider 51.
    • The language and legislative intent of Rider 51 directed HHSC to “develop a more appropriate fee schedule for therapy services”.
    • Careful consideration needs to be given to quality access to care before applying rate reductions to therapy services provided to children in their homes as home care continues to be a solution to budget concerns related to NICU length of stays, hospitalizations and long-term care admissions.
  3. If your senator or representative has questions or would like additional information, please obtain his or her email address and forward the attached documents and/or provide him or her with my contact info:  Jennifer Riley, cell:  214 986 8046.

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