Meet Mason: Patient Success Story

Mason is a busy, little boy, but his interactions with his environment and the people around him were limited due to delayed communication skills. Before he began speech therapy, his main form of communication was imitating short words that he would hear others say, and he was very limited in his ability to participate in activities with his family at home. Mason’s family yearned to have him be a part of their daily lives, rather than a bystander, and that’s when Sandra (speech-language pathologist) jumped in to support Mason and his family in their home.

Sandra quickly got to work creating a plan of care individualized to Mason’s needs, including verbal words, signs, and pictures to help him make basic requests and comments. She realized that while this approach supported Mason’s progress with communication skills, there was something else Sandra wanted to try to open up more possibilities, and in turn, the world, to Mason.

Sandra coordinated a high-tech AAC device trial for Mason, which was a success! He now has his own Accent 1000 with the LAMP Words for Life system, which has allowed him improved ability to communicate at home or in the community. Although Mason struggles with expressive and receptive communication skills, he is very bright and discovered that he could spell out words on his AAC device if there was not an icon to represent what he wanted to say. Once Mason had a solid foundation with his AAC device, Sandra began challenging him with focus on identifying emotions, increasing the complexity of directions for him to follow, providing personal information about himself and family, and building 3-5 word combinations.

Because Mason’s parents were dedicated to following the home exercise program that Sandra created, their son was able to engage with the world in a way he was not able to before. An added bonus, Mason is a pro in the kitchen now that he is able to successfully follow directions and recently helped his parents make brownies – yummy! Mason’s family is excited about all of his progress and are ready for him to start a kindergarten program; they have a sense of relief that Mason will be able to share about his day after school because of all the progress he has made in speech therapy.

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