Meet Sara: SLP

How did you hear about T2K, and why did you join our team? (what makes us different?)

I heard about T2K through a friend who is also an SLP. She had worked for T2K in Dallas and continued to work with the company when she moved to Houston. That was my first indication that T2K is a different type of company because the retention of therapists is high. I have worked in a variety of settings and was looking to work in home health full time. What drew me to T2K was how the values of the company matched my professional values as an SLP. The number of continuing education opportunities are incredible, and I appreciate that those resources are free to T2K employees. Another value I see in T2K is mentorship and support. There are Clinical Feeding Specialists and AAC Specialists available to us whenever we have questions in these areas. There are also social workers on staff to support any needs our patient’s families may have. These are resources I value and use regularly. Every therapist is a part of a team who is directly managed by a Clinical Manager. Your manager is available for any question and guidance. I have greatly enjoyed my experience working with T2K and plan to continue to be a part of this wonderful company for a long time to come!

Therapy 2000 provides amazing CEU’s I recently attended an AAC Lunch and Learn presentation. The presentation was helpful in providing information on how to access resources for all levels of AAC needs (low-tech, mid-tech, and high-tech). I came away with the ideas for different types of AAC options for some of the patients on my caseload. I appreciated that the presentation was during lunch time on a Friday so that I was able to join the zoom call.




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