Success Story: Andrew

Andrew is an adorable little boy. He was born with spastic cerebral palsy in December 2011 at just 27 weeks’ gestation and weighed only two pounds. He previously received therapy from THERAPY 2000 and made such great progress that his frequency was progressively reduced from twice weekly to twice ...
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Success Story: JJ

JJ started feeding speech therapy with mild-moderate oral dysphagia characterized by a poor labial seal, resulting in an excessive intake of air, uncoordinated SSB pattern and sideline/elevated feedings. Additionally, his latch was easy to release due to overall oral weakness, leading to multiple br...
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Success Story: Leilani

Leilani is a beautiful 3-year-old girl with a complicated medical history that includes a lengthy NICU stay, Caudal Regression Syndrome, Chronic Respiratory Failure, open heart surgery and trach/vent dependency. Upon her initial evaluation for Speech Therapy at 7 months of age, she had been unable t...
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