Patient Success Story: Camden

When Camden started therapy, he was three and a half; this July, he turned five! His favorite activities are bubbles, puzzles, throwing balls, racing cars, building blocks, and pretend play with his kitchen and food. He also loves swimming during the summer! At the time of the initial referral, Camd...
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Andrew 2

Patient Success Story: Andrew

Andrew is a delightful little boy who loves all things cars and trucks. When services started, he was 22 months old with a limited vocabulary of less than five words. Andrew’s parents were very concerned about his language and ability to communicate his wants and needs. After the initial evaluatio...
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Patient Success Story: Henry

  Henry was hospitalized for poor feeding at birth. He soon received the diagnosis of Prader Willi and was discharged from the hospital with a g-tube while attempting bottle feedings. He was mostly g-tube fed and only accepted small amounts via bottle at a time. Our focus for therapy was identi...
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Eb15 maria beshears

Patient Success Story: Emi

Emi is a truly remarkable 4-year-old who has made incredible strides in a short amount of time. Her progression includes certain skills that were initially completed at a 9-month age equivalency to mastering many age-appropriate skills. At the time of the initial referral Emi’s pediatrician an...
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