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At Therapy 2000, we continuously seek committed and enthusiastic occupational therapists to join our team. As such, we regularly advertise occupational therapist jobs in Fort Worth, TX. Our occupational therapists (OTs) are responsible for teaching children the necessary skills to carry out daily activities, enabling them to become self-sufficient adults. Additionally, OTs enhance children’s overall quality of life by promoting their ability to perform everyday tasks independently, including dressing, bathing, and writing, which others may consider routine.

As per the American Occupational Therapy Association guidelines, individuals of all ages must acquire skills in play activities, work, and self-care to promote proper development and prevent future disabilities. Achieving independence may require adjusting or modifying a task or working intensively with the occupational therapist (OT) to develop mastery of a skill. The OT may employ various methods to teach independence, including providing accommodations and assisting in the learning process as needed.

At Therapy 2000, occupational therapists frequently assist children diagnosed with neurological disorders and developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, or childhood diseases such as cerebral palsy and other health and developmental issues. In each of these scenarios, the OT’s responsibility involves evaluating patients and devising treatment plans to regain independence or acquire necessary skills.

When children are diagnosed with a developmental disability or a related health condition, most parents are typically surprised. After coming to terms with the diagnosis, parents must take immediate action to locate the necessary support for their child to thrive. Therapy 2000 recognizes the significance of this need and, therefore, strives to provide effective treatment. This is why we require a dedicated team of occupational therapists to accomplish this goal. If you are searching for occupational therapist jobs in Fort Worth, TX, Therapy 2000 could be the perfect fit. Witnessing the positive impact of helping patients at Therapy 2000 improve their quality of life may be a rewarding experience for you.

The advantages of working alongside an OT may differ based on the child’s diagnosis. Still, numerous children can acquire abilities such as self-feeding, independent eating, mastering self-care routines, communicating with peers effectively, and enhancing their general well-being.

The duties of occupational therapist jobs in Fort Worth, TX, may differ for each candidate based on the unique requirements of the child they are assisting. Each child requires a distinct form of assistance, requiring occupational therapists to be adaptable and prepared to modify their treatment plans to suit each patient’s needs.

Occupational therapy (OT) enhances a child’s ability to interact with peers, excel academically, and foster age-appropriate independent self-care skills. This process may include activities aimed at strengthening motor skills, enhancing eye-hand coordination, improving life skills (e.g., grooming, dressing, oral hygiene), developing specialized skills and positive behavior, and learning to operate specialized equipment to promote independence.

Individuals pursuing occupational therapist jobs in Fort Worth, TX, must be willing to adjust to the unique requirements of each child under their care and recognize the importance of tailored solutions. This necessitates a comprehensive understanding of clinical, emotional, and behavioral proficiencies.

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    Why Work With Us

    In addition to our conventional employee benefits package, such as a 401K retirement plan, flexible scheduling, paid time off, medical insurance, a flexible spending account, paid malpractice insurance, and an employee referral bonus program, we provide several programs to equip our employees for success both inside and outside of their workplace.

    Mentorship Program

    New therapists can benefit from our mentorship program, which involves pairing them with a Clinical Manager who possesses extensive experience in Pediatric Home Health and can act as a go-to source for all their queries and concerns related to their role. Your mentor will play a vital role in ensuring your smooth onboarding, including:

    • Your mentor will arrange and manage the orientation and competency check-off process.
    • They will offer direct support, either personally or through designated mentors, for assessments and therapy sessions as long as required.
    • There will be weekly dedicated meetings during the initial 90-day period, and they may continue for an extended duration if necessary.
    • It supports continuous clinical and professional development for team members.

    Achieving a Balance Between Work and Personal Life

    For many therapists, juggling work, family, and other responsibilities can be difficult.

    We understand the significance of maintaining a healthy work-life balance, and thus, we offer various tools and options to accommodate PRN and part- or full-time caseloads. Our options include creating custom schedules based on your availability, assigning caseloads near your home location, and providing paid time off (PTO) for both part-time and full-time employees.

    Free CEUs

    Therapists in Texas must accumulate professional development hours to maintain their licensure, and the required amount varies by discipline. Therefore, finding free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can benefit budget-conscious therapists. Our organization offers free and unlimited CEUs to our therapists, which can be a significant cost-saving option. Our CEU curriculum is created by a team of multi-disciplinary therapists dedicated to providing ongoing educational training and clinical support, ensuring that our courses meet the CEU licensing and certification standards.

    We provide courses in various formats, such as live and recorded webinars, to accommodate your lifestyle and learning preferences. Our course content is regularly updated to equip you with the necessary skills for your success.

    Debt Crusher Program

    Our company has launched a pioneering benefit for our staff, Debt Crusher. This enables employees to take a wage advance of up to $1,000, which we will use to make an additional payment directly to their creditor or lender. The wage advance will be repaid through six equal automatic payroll deductions with no interest. After the advance is fully repaid, any employee participating in the program will be eligible for another wage advance.

    The Debt Crusher program was developed based on personal stories shared by our staff, who disclosed their struggles with student loans, medical bills, and other types of debt that incur interest. We recognized that our team was paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in interest charges, which led us to create this program to alleviate this burden.

    Great Benefits

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    If you’re looking for occupational therapist jobs in Fort Worth, TX, visit our careers page to explore the job openings at T2000. We are constantly expanding our team to enhance the lives of children in the wider Fort Worth region.

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