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At Therapy 2000, we continuously seek enthusiastic and committed occupational therapists interested in joining our team. This is why we have ongoing recruitment efforts for individuals interested in pediatric occupational therapist jobs in Houston, TX. Our occupational therapists (OTs) play a vital role in assisting children to acquire the necessary skills to become independent adults. They concentrate on enhancing children’s quality of life by fostering functional independence in everyday activities that others may overlook, such as dressing, bathing, and writing.

According to the guidelines set by the American Occupational Therapy Association, it is crucial for individuals of all ages, both adults and children, to learn and develop play activities, work skills, and self-care abilities to prevent future disabilities. Achieving independence may involve making accommodations or modifying tasks to foster independence. At the same time, in other instances, occupational therapists (OTs) may provide intensive support to help children acquire skills and become proficient on their own.

Our occupational therapists frequently collaborate with children who have neurological disorders, developmental delays, autism spectrum disorders, childhood diseases, cerebral palsy, and various other health and developmental challenges. In each of these cases, the primary responsibility of the occupational therapist is to assess the patient’s needs and design individualized treatment plans to promote independence and foster the development of essential skills that may be lacking.

When children are diagnosed with a developmental disability or a related health condition, it often catches their parents off-guard. After processing the diagnosis, parents are motivated to take proactive steps in seeking the necessary support for their children’s continued growth and well-being. At Therapy 2000, we understand this journey and are committed to providing the assistance families need. That’s why we seek dedicated occupational therapists to join our team in Houston. If you’re searching for pediatric occupational therapist jobs in Houston, TX, your search can end with us. The rewarding experience of positively impacting a patient’s life at Therapy 2000 awaits you, bringing joy and fulfillment to your professional journey.

The advantages of working with an occupational therapist (OT) can differ based on the child’s specific diagnosis. However, numerous children have achieved significant milestones through OT interventions. These milestones include acquiring independent eating and feeding skills, mastering self-care tasks, developing appropriate communication with peers of their age, and experiencing an overall enhancement in their quality of life.

In Houston, TX, successful occupational therapist jobs require candidates who can effectively adapt to the unique needs of each child they assist. The role of an occupational therapist varies depending on the individual they are working with, as every child requires a different form of support. This necessitates occupational therapists to be flexible and capable of adjusting their care plans to suit the specific requirements of their patients.

Occupational therapy (OT) enhances children’s abilities in various domains, such as socializing with peers, excelling academically, and fostering independence in age-appropriate self-care tasks. This comprehensive approach encompasses activities aimed at developing motor skills, enhancing eye-hand coordination, addressing essential life skills like bathing, dressing, and oral hygiene, acquiring specialized skills and positive behaviors, and acquiring proficiency in utilizing specialized equipment to promote independence. The ultimate goal of OT is to empower children to thrive and function independently in various aspects of their lives.

For all applicants seeking occupational therapist jobs in Houston, TX, the ability to adapt to the unique needs of each child and recognize the importance of tailored solutions is crucial. This entails possessing a comprehensive understanding of clinical expertise and emotional and behavioral skills. Successful occupational therapists must be equipped with the knowledge and expertise to effectively navigate and address the multifaceted aspects of a child’s clinical, emotional, and behavioral requirements.

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    Why Work With Us

    In addition to our comprehensive range of employee benefits, which include a 401K retirement plan, flexible scheduling, paid time off, medical insurance, a flexible spending account, paid malpractice insurance, and an employee referral bonus program, we provide various programs aimed at empowering our employees for success both within and outside of their work environment.

    Mentorship Program

    New therapists at Therapy 2000 can benefit from our mentorship program, which involves being paired with a highly experienced Clinical Manager specializing in Pediatric Home Health. Your assigned mentor will serve as a valuable resource to address any questions or concerns you may have regarding your position. They will play multiple roles in ensuring your smooth onboarding process, including:

    • Facilitating orientation and overseeing the competency check-off process.
    • Offering direct support, either personally or through assigned mentors, for evaluations and treatment as long as necessary.
    • Conducting dedicated weekly meetings during the initial 90 days, with the option to extend if required.
    • Continuously fostering the clinical and professional development of team members.

    Work-Life Balance

    Juggling work, family, and other responsibilities can be demanding for numerous therapists. We acknowledge the significance of achieving a healthy work-life balance. To support our therapists in this endeavor, we offer a range of tools and options, including PRN (as-needed) positions and part-time and full-time caseloads. We provide flexible and customizable schedules that align with your availability and preferences. Additionally, we strive to assign caseloads close to your home location, reducing commute times and enhancing convenience. Furthermore, part-time and full-time employees are eligible for paid time off (PTO), allowing for well-deserved breaks and personal time.

    Free CEUs

    In Texas, therapists must accumulate professional development hours, with specific requirements varying by discipline. Accessing free Continuing Education Units (CEUs) can be a significant cost-saving opportunity, and we take pride in offering our therapists the advantage of free and unlimited CEUs. A team of therapists from various disciplines meticulously develops our CEU curriculum. Their primary focus is to provide continuous educational training and clinical support, ensuring that our courses meet the necessary standards for CEU licensing and certification.

    We provide courses in multiple formats to accommodate various lifestyles and learning preferences, including live webinars and recorded sessions. This flexibility allows you to choose the format that best suits your needs. We understand the importance of staying current and relevant in your field, so we regularly update our course content. Doing so ensures that you receive the necessary skills and knowledge to thrive and succeed in your profession.

    Debt Crusher Program

    We are excited to announce a groundbreaking benefit we introduced for our employees, Debt Crusher. This unique offering allows our employees to request a $1,000 wage advance, which our company will utilize to make an additional payment directly to a creditor or lender on their behalf. The wage advance is subsequently repaid through six equal automatic payroll deductions, with no interest charged. Once the advance is fully repaid, any employee participating in the program will automatically become eligible for another wage advance, continuing the cycle. This innovative benefit aims to provide our employees with financial support while assisting them in managing their debts effectively.

    The inspiration for this program arose from the personal stories shared by numerous staff members regarding the challenges posed by student loan debts, medical bills, and other forms of interest-bearing debt. Recognizing that collectively, we were incurring substantial interest charges amounting to hundreds of thousands of dollars each year, we developed this program intending to assist. Its primary objective is to alleviate the financial burden faced by our employees and offer support in overcoming these challenges.

    Great Benefits

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    If you want to pursue occupational therapist jobs in Houston, TX, we encourage you to visit our careers page. There, you can explore the job opportunities available with T2000. As we expand our team, we aim to make a positive difference in the lives of children throughout the greater Houston area.

    From Our Team

    beth hancock
    Beth Hancock D/OTR Division Director

    As the North Houston Division Director, I get to run my own little business. The impact I can have with this role is exciting to me. Growing up in a small town in Mississippi, I knew I wanted to go and see the world. So, after completing my Doctorate at Belmont University in Nashville, Tennessee, I moved to Houston. I love the diverse population that Houston has to offer as well as the many opportunities for those in the medical field.

    Recently, I joined the Therapy 2000/Green Apple Therapy team as Division Director and am so excited about the opportunity to expand Houston by introducing the T2K difference to Houston. Therapy 2000 shows how much they care about their therapists and soon everyone in Houston will know how great they are to work for.

    I have spent my entire 20+ year career working with children. I love pediatrics so much because of the impact therapy can make not only in a child’s life but also in their family’s life. My first job as a therapist was at a sensory integration clinic working with children on the Autism spectrum and children with sensory integration diagnoses. I enjoyed the clinic, but I longed to work with a greater variety of diagnoses in a multi-disciplinary approach. I transitioned to home health and outpatient peds treating medically fragile patients. I enjoyed the home setting and the opportunity to see the child’s natural environment and tailor treatment around that; I was hooked.

    My director encouraged me to apply for the OT supervisor position where I was able to supervise and mentor 35 OTs and COTAs in the home health setting. I loved sharing my knowledge and working with so many talented therapists. After 4 years as an OT supervisor, I took a role as the clinical therapy director. I love mentoring and supporting the people I’ve had the pleasure of managing; it feeds my soul to share knowledge. Over the years, I have taught numerous continuing education classes to grow my team’s clinical knowledge and skills. In the Division Director role, I love that I can continue to impact so many therapists and patients. Outside of work, I enjoy traveling with my husband Greg and watching my kids, Lee and Addison play baseball, volleyball, and soccer, and run cross country.

    Brianne Villarreal, M.S. CCC-SLP Division Director

    Hi there! My name is Brianne, and I am originally from Yoakum, a tiny town in South Texas. After graduation from high school, I moved to College Station and attended Texas A&M University for my bachelor’s degree. Following that, I ventured up to Dallas and attended UT Dallas obtaining my master’s in Communication Disorders.

    My home life consists of two adorable tiny humans – Krosby (10) who is a baseball player and fanatic and Kambyl (7) who is a mix of girly-girl and rough-tough that is currently dabbling in competitive cheer and tumbling. We have a Pitbull rescue, Roo (10), who earned her name by jumping around like a crazy kangaroo when she first joined us. In the mix are also four guinea pigs, Violet, Shimmer, Cocoa and Oreo.

    As Division Director, I enjoy being able to lead a team of leaders, provide support to all the therapists in our division and collaborate with my peers. Pediatric home health has my heart and I couldn’t imagine myself in any other setting (although I have worked in private practice, schools and adult home health too!). There is not another company like ours who truly cares about employees and patients the way Therapy 2000 does and I am so proud to be a part of it.

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