OT/PT: Working with Families: Collaboration & Autonomy through Home Programs

June 10, 2016 9:00am - 11:00am

*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*

This event is open to OT/OTAs and PT/PTAs.

This course is pending approval for 2 CEUs by TOTA and 2 CCUs by TPTA.



Kimberly Westbrook, OTR, BS

Course Location:



Tyler, TX


Course Description:

This training addresses one of the primary aspects of working with families, collaboration through home program activities. Participants will learn strategies for supporting the autonomy of caregivers while encouraging their engagement in the therapeutic process, specifically through the use of effective home program development and implementation.  Documentation of teaching, training, collaboration and home program implementation will be discussed and resources for home programming across disciplines will also be shared.

About Our Speakers:

Kimberly Westbrook, OTR, BS: Kimberly has been an OT with Therapy 2000 for close to 5 years and a Team Manager in the East Texas Division since August of 2014. Kimberly graduated from Texas Woman’s University in 1982. She has practiced for 34 consecutive years, the last 17 in pediatrics. Kimberly’s passion is teaching and mentoring new grads and COTAs.

Learner Objectives

  1. List 3 reasons why collaboration and home programming are important for children and families.
  2. Identify and describe effective methods for home program development, teaching and follow up/monitoring.
  3. Provide an example of how to document caregiver collaboration and home programming in an effective manner.

Time 9:00am – 11:00am

*This is a Closed Event for Therapy 2000 Employees Only*


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