Advanced Programs

THERAPY 2000 therapists are up to date on the latest tools and programs to help our patients flourish and live more full and productive lives. We have many therapists on staff in all our geographical areas specializing in the advanced programs below. They help patients obtain and learn to use a variety of tools to help them achieve better results in therapy and their life.

Assistive Technology

Assistive technology (AT) is an item or piece of equipment that can help a patient with tasks that they are unable to perform on their own. Assistive technology can aid patients with activities of daily living, improve quality of life and self-image, and increase social interaction and independence. The Assistive Technology Program at THERAPY 2000 focuses on ensuring that patients have appropriate seating, mobility, and communication systems as well as providing the patient with tools to access these systems. Our therapists help patients more effectively use the assistive technology equipment that they currently have or help them obtain new equipment to help them meet their needs.

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Hearing Impairment Program

THERAPY 2000’s Hearing Program allows children with hearing loss to be identified and referred for appropriate audiological intervention before they begin to receive speech-language therapy from THERAPY 2000. Early identification of hearing loss assures effective speech-language therapy. We offer two types of screening programs, a Basic Hearing Screening and an Advanced Hearing Screening. THERAPY 2000 has a specialized Pediatric Aural Rehabilitation program that provides therapy for children with hearing loss. We are also known for our Auditory Processing Disorder Program.

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High Risk Infant (HRI) Program

Babies graduating from the NICU as well as those experiencing medically complex conditions often face a tenuous transition from hospital to home. Sometimes after months of medical stability these kids begin to demonstrate significant problems with meeting expected milestones. The quality of care, particularly the in-home care, a child receives can greatly impact a child’s course once in the home. THERAPY 2000 provides transitional & developmental support for infants and families encountering multiple medical problems when they transition from the hospital.

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Vital Stim®

VitalStim is the FDA approved treatment method for Feeding and Swallowing therapy. It uses neuromuscular electric stimulation to establish muscle-nerve memory patterns to help strengthen the muscles used for chewing, food management, lip closure, tongue movement, and swallowing.

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