At Therapy 2000 our therapists believe parents have the right to choose the language outcome that is best for their child and family. We pride ourselves on providing unbiased care for children with hearing loss and their families.

Our program specialists train therapists to provide quality services to children who are deaf and hard-of-hearing. Our speech-language pathologists are trained to assess speech, language and auditory abilities. Therapists coach caregivers to grow the child’s listening and spoken language skills or support the family’s goal of sign language.


Listening and Spoken Language

When children are identified with hearing loss early, fitted with hearing technology, and participate in family-centered interventions, they can develop listening and spoken language skills on par with their hearing peers. At Therapy 2000, we are utilizing a certified auditory-verbal therapist to mentor our professionals to support these families. Auditory-verbal therapists help children develop speech and language through listening with the help of hearing aids and/or cochlear implants. A caregiver coaching model is used to help the caregivers become the primary facilitator of the child’s listening and spoken language abilities.


Manual Communications

Many families choose sign language or total communication, a combination of listening and spoken language and sign language. Our speech-language pathologists will use strategies during intervention that support the growth and development of the child’s sign language skills. Therapists are familiar with Deaf Culture and different types of sign language, such as ASL, PSE, and SEE.

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