High Risk Infant (HRI) Program

Our experts provide the highest quality HRI programs
to high risk children across Texas

Babies graduating from the NICU as well as those experiencing medically complex conditions often face a tenuous transition from hospital to home. Often after months of medical stability many babies begin to demonstrate significant problems with meeting expected milestones. These children face tremendous risk of failure to thrive, feeding difficulties, and developmental delays. They also have a greater chance of being readmitted to the hospital in the first year of life due to respiratory infections and feeding difficulties

High Risk Infant

We recognize the need for transitional & developmental support for infants and families encountering multiple medical problems and in response has developed the High Risk Infant Program. The quality of care, particularly home care, a child receives can greatly impact a child’s course once in the home. At THERAPY 2000, we want to help ease the transition from hospital to home. We have expanded our ongoing staff development by providing evidence based education, training, and competency checks for pediatric OTs, PTs and SLPs. Our therapists also receive ongoing mentoring and support to help ensure the best care possible.

Our specially-trained staff can:

High Risk Infant
  • Increase caregiver knowledge and confidence
  • Promote consistent, research based standards of care
  • Facilitate feeding through a multi-disciplinary team
  • Observe for signs of swallowing problems that lead to feeding aversion and respiratory infections
  • Address issues that lead to developmental delays
  • Provide therapy in the home, minimizing exposure to community-borne illness

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