Patient Success Story: Nasra

Nasra is an 11-year-old diagnosed with autism and speech language disorder. While she has a wide vocabulary and desire to communicate, her speech has many errors and it’s difficult for her to sustain her voice to use full sentences. This use to cause a very high level of frustration for Nasra. Due to frustration, she would bite or hit her family members and sometimes her speech therapist, Melody.

But now, Nasra, her mom, and Melody are an awesome team! At the beginning of each speech session, Nasra lets Melody know what she’d like to work for. She often asks for pretzels or other snacks. She and Melody then work on saying phrases and sentences, using visual cues to support Nasra to work her hardest and to improve her skills. Nasra’s mom sits at the table with them and is active in each session, collaborating with Melody to support Nasra’s progress.

Nasra is thriving in therapy sessions and has a huge, beautiful smile while working with her mom and Melody. She frequently reaches out to hold Melody’s hand during visits while working, showing her trust and fondness for her therapist. Nasra’s progress is carrying over to her community, too! In May, she was awarded “Most Improved Speech” and recognized in front of her school. Nasra’s progress demonstrates what a huge impact families and therapists working together can have. We are proud of this team and are excited to see what is next for Nasra!

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