Meet Eli: Patient Success Story

On October 5th, 2021, Eli fell and sustained cervical fractures at C2, C3, C4, C5, and C6. He underwent surgery the next day to install brackets to stabilize his spine. Eli was in ICU for 17 days then transferred to Children’s Rehab hospital for 30 days; his diagnosis was quadriplegia due to the acute spinal cord injury.

After Eli was released from the Rehab Hospital, home health therapy initially focused on bed mobility, sitting balance, standing endurance, transfers, car transfers, and gait.

Eli and his families’ lives changed completely when he had his injury. Eli couldn’t roll in bed when home health therapy was initiated, and he needed assistance in every aspect of ADLs. Through hard work and determination Eli progressed from working on bed mobility to walking outdoors with his walker. Eli is a resistant boy when he feels he “can’t” do something; however, the physical therapist taught him so many techniques to help him realize he could achieve all his goals.

Once he gets a glimpse of the possibility of being able to do something, Eli was more motivated to reaching his goals! Home health has helped him find his hope again and helped him realize his life is full of possibilities. The caregivers’ lives have changed because Eli is now participating more in transfers, car transfers, ADLs, chores, and ambulation. They became parents to a completely dependent child after the accident to now having a child who can now do things for himself once again. He has achieved a great deal and still has more to overcome and accomplish. The consistency with Eli’s caregivers asking questions, working on the home exercise program, and being so attentive truly impacted their son’s quality of life.

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