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simon 3We are proud of what we do. Every day, our patients reach new milestones, improving their independence, and ultimately, their lives. Going forward, we’ll share patient success stories, employee achievements, and the latest agency/industry news here in the Home Health Heartbeat as well as our various social media pages. Be sure to follow us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram! We’re committed to helping you keep your finger on the pulse (get it?) of all that’s going on.

THERAPY 2000 is a proven leader in achieving maximum outcomes through quality, innovative, clinically-excellent therapy. We’re delighted to share this story, which is just one example of how our patients receive the best care from the best therapists in the industry.

Simon is an eight-year-old boy whose parents were told he would never walk…

Born with Lowe Syndrome, a rare genetic condition that affects the eyes, brain, and kidneys, and occurs in one out of 500,000 people – almost exclusively in males – Simon has had a total of 24 surgeries to date.

Children with Lowe Syndrome are often born with weak muscle tone from birth (neonatal hypotonia), which contributes to feeding challenges, difficulty breathing, and delayed development of motor skills such as sitting, standing and walking. Initially, Simon needed a g- button for nutrition. However, he is now able to eat specially prepared food.

simon 2Simon receives Physical Therapy from Ann Tally, PT. His treatment has focused on helping him to become as independent as possible. The onset of seizures at age six, as well as multiple setbacks and hospitalizations, have not deterred Simon, and his family have provided continuous encouragement as he has reached motor milestones.

About a year ago, Simon started walking without assistive devices. He recently went on vacation with his family and was able to enjoy the beach, the zoo, and boardwalk without needing to use his wheelchair or walker.

“We didn’t even take them with us to Florida,” Simon’s mom said.

He is now able to pick up a ball and place it squarely into his basketball hoop, and soon, he will be able to climb the stairs into his home by himself.

simon 1Simon recently surprised his mom and dad by standing from the floor without holding onto a support. He continues to amaze his doctors, therapists, teachers, and parents, as he persists on his own personal schedule to triumph above and beyond all expectations.

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