Meet Rylee: Patient Success Story

Rylee, the little rascal, met her therapist friends after coming home from a long hospitalization. Life in the NICU is hard, so when Rylee was discharged, she had a lot of ground to cover to catch up on all the things she missed in the first couple months of her life. Luckily, she was a fighter from the beginning, and her therapists were ready to help her thrive! Due to her diagnosis of hydrocephalus, Rylee had a large head size, making development of head control and visual skills very difficult. And as if the odds weren’t already stacked against her, she was also diagnosed with hip dysplasia, which meant that she had to wear a brace to keep her hips and legs in the same position all day and night, limiting her ability to move, play, interact, and learn.

When Rylee started therapy, she struggled to maintain positions other than laying on her back or being held, to lift her head and look at her family or surroundings, and to reach/grasp toys, all of which impeded her ability to independently interact with or explore her environment and was a source of frustration. This is where her therapy team was called to action! Having home health services allowed Rylee to have multiple therapy visits a week while protecting her fragile immune system as well as encouraged regular participation and carryover from her parents for the greatest amount of progress.

Rylee is a fun-loving and hard-working little rascal who was highly motivated to participate in therapy sessions using toys, especially toys with bright lights. Luckily, she was easily distracted by having fun with her toys and therapists when having to work on difficult tasks, such as building strength in her neck and arms. The skills of her therapists, the dedication of her parents, and her own determination paid off, and Rylee is now able to roll around her house, hold her head up and visually explore in all positions, engage with toys, and hold her own bottle! She is a much happier baby girl now that she can see, interact, and explore with more independence. Her parents are busy keeping up with her now, but they couldn’t be prouder!

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