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Therapy 2000 is always looking for engaged and dedicated occupational therapists to join our team, which is why we are always recruiting people to take on pediatric occupational therapy jobs in Dallas. Our occupational therapists (OTs) are tasked with helping children learn how to complete everyday tasks to grow into independent adults. Occupational therapists also focus on helping children improve their overall quality of life by becoming functionally independent in everyday tasks that others might take for granted, such as dressing, bathing,
or writing.

The American Occupational Therapy Association dictates that play activities, work, and self-care are all important functions that adults and children of all ages need to learn to develop appropriately and avoid disability in the future. Sometimes learning independence might mean obtaining accommodation or adapting a task to create independence, while other times, the OT will work with children intensely to help them learn to master a skill on their own.

Occupational therapists at Therapy 2000 often work with children with neurological disorders and developmental delays, are diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, suffer from childhood diseases, cerebral palsy, and many more health and developmental issues. In all of these situations, the role of the OT is to evaluate patients and then develop treatment programs that will help restore their independence or acquire the missing skills.

Most parents are caught off-guard when their children are diagnosed with a developmental disability or associated health condition. After processing a diagnosis, it is time for the parent to take action to find them the help they need to continue to prosper. Therapy 2000 is here to help once that diagnosis is reached, which is why we need a strong staff of OTs. Your search for occupational therapy jobs in Dallas, TX, can stop with us once you experience the joy of helping a patient at Therapy 200 improve their life.

The benefits of working with an OT can vary depending on the child’s diagnosis, but many children learn to eat and feed on their own, learn self-care tasks, learn to communicate with peers their own age in appropriate manners, and improve their overall quality of life.

Once again, the role of successful occupational therapy jobs in Dallas, candidates will change by the child they are helping. Every single needs a different type of aide, so occupational therapists must be flexible and ready to adapt their care plans to meet their patients.

OT aims to help children improve their skills with peers, improve school performance, and take care of themselves via age-appropriate independent self-care tasks. This might mean strengthening motor skills, improving eye-hand coordination, addressing life skills (such as bathing, dressing, brushing teeth), learning special skills and positive behaviors, or learning to use new specialized equipment to become independent.

All candidates for occupational therapy jobs in Dallas, must be ready to adapt to the child in their care and appreciate the need for custom solutions. This requires an in-depth knowledge of clinical, emotional, and behavioral skills.

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    Why Work With Us

    Aside from our typical offer of employee benefits, including a 401K retirement plan, flexible scheduling, paid time off, medical insurance, a flexible spending account, paid malpractice insurance, and an employee referral bonus program. We also offer various programs to set our employees up for success in and out of their work environment. 

    Mentorship Program

    For new therapists,. Our mentorship program includes pairing you up with a Clinical Manager who is highly experienced in Pediatric Home Health and can serve as the source to direct all your questions and concerns related to your position. Your mentor will perform several roles in getting you onboarded effectively:

    • Coordinate orientation and the competency check-off process.
    • Provides direct support (either themselves or via identified mentors) for evaluations and treatment for as long as needed.
    • Dedicated weekly meetings for the first 90 days and longer if needed.
    • On an ongoing basis, it facilitates clinical and professional growth for team members.

    Work-Life Balance

    Balancing work, family, and other responsibilities are challenging for many therapists. 

    We recognize the importance of a work-life balance and provide tools and options for PRN and part- and full-time caseloads. Our options include flexible, and custom schedules based on your availability, caseloads that are close to your home location, and paid time off (PTO) for part-time and full-time employees.

    Free CEUs

    As a therapist in Texas, clinicians must accumulate professional development hours, and this varies by discipline. So, finding free CEUs can be a real budget saver. We are proud to facilitate free and unlimited CEUs to our therapists. The CEU curriculum is developed by a multi-discipline therapist team whose sole focus is to provide ongoing educational training and clinical support to ensure our courses meet CEU licensing and certification standards.

    We offer courses in several formats (live and recorded webinars) to fit your lifestyle and learning style. Course content is updated regularly to provide you with the skills you need to succeed.

    Debt Crusher Program

    We recently introduced an innovative, first-in-our-industry benefit for our employees.  We’ve called it Debt Crusher. This allows our employees to take a $1,000 wage advance that the company will use to remit an extra payment directly to a creditor/lender. The wage advance is then repaid through six equal automatic payroll deductions with no interest. Once the advance is repaid, any employee in the program will automatically be granted another wage advance.

    The idea for this program was created because many members of our staff began sharing personal stories about student loan burdens, medical bills, and other interest-bearing debt. Collectively, we are paying hundreds of thousands of dollars each year in interest charges, and this program was designed to help.

    Great Benefits

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    If you are interested in obtaining occupational therapy jobs in Dallas, then check out our careers page to learn about job opportunities with T2000. We continue building our team to help improve children’s lives across the greater Dallas area.

    From Our Team

    Theresa Hill, OTR, MOT, M.S. HCA

    “I’ve been an OT for over 20 years, and have worked clinically in Pediatrics throughout my career, in Outpatient, Inpatient Rehab. Day Treatment, and Home Health. I completed my Master of OT degree from TWU in 2000 and then a Master of Science in Health Care Administration in 2008. I joined Therapy 2000 in late 2008 as part of the leadership team and spent the next several years working in therapy leadership operations. At the beginning of 2018, I transitioned into a project-based role, and have been working in Recruitment since the spring of 2021.”

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