Pediatric Occupational Therapy OT Jobs

About Pediatric Physical Therapy (PT) Jobs at Therapy 2000

What role does a pediatric occupational therapist perform?

Are you seeking a pediatric occupational therapy job? Pediatric occupational therapist jobs include oversee occupational therapy for children. A pediatric therapy works with kids with congenital disabilities, illness, or injury to aid them in developing skills to overcome one’s physical or cognitive difficulties. Pediatric occupational therapist jobs have several responsibilities that include performing planned both mental and physical activities or exercises aiming to help kids develop or regain the skills needed in their life.In this rewarding role, you will help children and teens regain their independence while being immersed in a rewarding experience. The position also includes performing assessments and recording therapy progress and adjusting treatment plans, as necessary.

Pediatric occupational therapy jobs support children who may fall into several categories, from premature babies to children, those struggling to read or write, and those with ADHS.

What areas can they address? Cognitive skills such as remembering letters, shapes and sequences, fine motor skills like finger dexterity, wrist and forearm control, and hand strength. Gross motor skills related to balance and body coordination. Self-care tasks like dressing, bathing, and self-feeding. Social skills such as taking turns, listening, and following directions.

How to prepare for a Pediatric Occupational Therapist Job?

A rewarding career as a pediatric occupational therapist requires

  • A high school diploma or equivalent
  • The completion of a bachelor’s degree in a pre-occupational therapy program, biology, or related field and a master’s degree in therapy with specialized education in pediatric care. While enrolled in an OT program, you will study all aspects of child development and occupational therapy.
  • Completion of your state’s licensing requirements.
  • You may also need to have an up-to-date CPR certification.


While at T2000 and daily, you will need to inspire patients to progress each day as you:

  • Delegate tasks and supervise occupational therapist assistants and technicians
  • Provide therapy treatment care to patients based on the hospital, state, and federal regulations along with professional guidelines.
  • Maintain ongoing, open communications with healthcare providers, ensuring patients, staff, and medical needs are met.

If a Pediatric Occupational Therapy OT Jobs sounds like the right field for you, Therapy 2000 may be the place for you. Check out our job descriptions to learn more.