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pediatric physical therapy jobs in texas

Pediatric Physical Therapy Jobs (Pediatric PT jobs) are open to licensed professionals who provide, assess, and oversee physical therapy services prescribed by an attending physician. PTs are plans and implement Physical Therapy treatment in coordination with the multidisciplinary team. For Therapy 2000, services are typically performed at a private residence. The position is considered to have no occupational exposure to bloodborne pathogens in the typical performance of job duties.

Typical PT jobs at T2000 report to our divisional managers as an exempt position and have a few physical demands (with reasonable accommodations) required to perform the essential functions of their role successfully. This includes them being regularly required to sit, reach with hands and arms, and speak or listen, use hands to finger or touch. The individual needs to regularly lift and /or move 75+ pounds or can transfer patients using appropriate techniques. Equipment may be up to 150 pounds.

We also typically require PT job applicants to do the following:

  • Completes a minimum number of visits as defined by the agency
  • Perform in-depth patient evaluations, develop treatment plans and implement those plans in accordance with physician’s orders
  • Instruct patients, their families and other health team members in therapy procedures
  • Report pertinent observations and reactions, regarding changes in patient status, to the appropriate team person
  • Maintain the patient’s medical record in accordance with agency standards along with completing and submitting patient records in a timely fashion
  • Participate in patient care conferences and communicate with the other home health team members to facilitate the coordination of patient care
  • Supervise PT assistant(s) to accomplish the prescribed treatment plan
  • Participate in staff development and in-service education to learn about new treatments, procedures, developmental skills, etc.
  • Comply with agency procedures and policies, rules, regulations, code of ethics, guidelines, and codes in federal, state, and local laws concerning the practice of physical therapy.
  • Staff may be required to meet with supervisors, staffing personnel, technical support staff, or other supporting team members as needed to maintain patient care and therapy standards.
  • Incidental time is a part of a physical therapist’s job and may also include, patient chart updates, notes and call logs, performance reviews, supervisory meetings, and drive time to the patient’s home.

Check out each Pediatric Physical Therapy Jobs specific educational and background requirements here.


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