Pediatric Speech Language Therapy SLP Jobs in Texas

pediatric speech language therapy jobs in TexasSometimes known as pediatric Speech-language Therapists, pediatric speech therapists are tasked with preventing, diagnosing, and treating swallowing, communication, speech disorders. Some may work in healthcare or educational sectors, and many, like those working with Therapy 2000, provide home care for treatment. Also, SLPs help rehabilitates those who have experienced psychological or physical trauma.

The responsibilities of a pediatric speech therapist includes:

  • Conducting assessments of patients,
  • Creating treatment plans,
  • Coordinating with family members, educators, and other medical professionals,
  • Administering prescribed therapy and monitoring their progress and
  • Inform patients and families of new treatment plans and techniques

If you are passionate about language, science, and anatomy, a role as a pediatric speech therapist might be right for you. Successful therapists are also adaptable, caring individuals who can use their resources to find solutions to patient challenges.

A typical day in the life of a pediatric speech therapist at T2000:

As a pediatric SLP / speech therapist, you will spend most of the day using your excellent communication skills to work with a diverse population of kids, teachers, parents, and specialists to advance the lives of the children with whom you work.

To provide high-quality speech-language therapy services to the patient, you will follow a set, custom plan for the child. Therapy services will include directing evaluations and assessments, analyzing results, and writing reports regarding progress in voice, speech, pragmatics, language, fluency, and oral motor skills. To support students in overall educational improvement, you will also assist in developing compliant treatment plans.

Your goal is not only to support social skills but also to support students to become successful in a school setting. It is a meaningful role that you provide to a child. A role that builds into a rewarding career at Therapy 2000. No one day is the same in this role. One day you may be working one to one with children and the next, sharing your skills as a mentor with other colleagues and speech therapy students.

What are the requirements to be a pediatric speech language therapist at T2000?

We are looking for innovative, self-motivated individuals with a master’s degree in Speech Therapy or Speech-language Therapy along with those who have relevant licenses and certification. Specializations in certain disorders and specific age groups sometimes may be required, so a sound understanding of how speech-related ailments and treatments related to age groups is generally a plus.

You should also have a familiarity with database management software and systems used to maintain notes on specific clients.

Therapy 2000 is a home-health organization, so you should be prepared to travel to a family’s home and use your available resources to solve problems related to your child. It also means being prepared to build strong relationships with your colleagues, patients, and their families.

If a Pediatric Speech Language Therapy SLP Jobs sounds like the right field for you, Therapy 2000 may be the place for you. Each role at T2000 is slightly different, so please visit our job listings for specific details on the position and to answer additional questions you might have.