Success Story: Bryson

Bryson – an adorable seven-year-old boy who spent two years in a residential care facility following a traumatic birth – now shows his family and caregivers on a daily basis what hard work and determination really is.

Shortly after his birth, Bryson had a trach placed and eventually required a ventilator. He was diagnosed with anoxic brain damage, chromosomal abnormality, congenital hydrocephalus, cerebral palsy, seizure disorder, hypoglycemia and eventually, Soto Syndrome. With repeated hospitalizations and a poor prognosis, Bryson was placed in foster care in 2019. Two years later, he was adopted into his forever family. His mom and caregivers provide him a loving environment, which has been pivotal in helping him progress.

At two years of age, Bryson presented with the gross motor skills of a 0–1-month-old, and it was unclear what level of development he could attain. Bryson

presented with severe facial asymmetries and was very medically fragile. He lacked head control in any position and was dependent for all positioning and transitions.

The initial focus for Physical Therapy was head control, bed mobility, strengthening, equipment assessment, and educating caregivers. As Bryson got older – and with excellent follow-through from family and caregivers – he began surpassing goals of rolling, holding his head upright, sitting, transitional movements, moving to get to toys, standing and walking with a gait trainer and reverse walker. Therapy has addressed balance, coordination, strength training, weight bearing, gait training and sensory concerns to assist him in becoming as independent as possible.

Now, Bryson is ambulating with the reverse walker and is learning to maneuver it around obstacles. He is also able to transition from kneeling to standing at his walker independently. Bryson loves standing next to his bed and is able to side-step independently. He is able to assume quadruped position and is very close to crawling. Most importantly, Bryson has the biggest, brightest and most contagious smile!

Bryson is surrounded by an outstanding team that encourages him to be the best he can be. His family and caregivers are fully committed to his home exercise program and to following recommended therapeutic strategies. Bryson has intermittently received Speech and Occupational therapy; however, his current focus remains gross motor training in Physical Therapy. Bryson has made tremendous progress due to the amazing support from his mom, brothers and caregivers!

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