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Wyatt was referred to THERAPY 2000 for speech therapy services. His parents were concerned that Wyatt was not communicating as well as his twin brother and his older sister had. His twin brother and his sister were reportedly speaking for him, and he relied on them to assist him in communicating with his parents. When Wyatt began speech therapy he exhibited an articulation and language impairment. Due to sucking his fingers, he had also developed a frontal lisp, and he was experiencing feeding difficulty with various food textures. Wyatt was unable to masticate meats and would often take up to an hour to finish his meals.

Speech therapy initially addressed his articulation and feeding issues. Direct speech therapy intervention corrected his articulation errors to an age appropriate level. After addressing Wyatt’s finger sucking habit, he stopped sucking his fingers, and his frontal tongue placement improved. Finally in speech therapy, Wyatt’s language skills were addressed. Wyatt had difficulty expressing himself, understanding age appropriate language concepts, and asking and answering questions.

At dismissal from speech therapy, Wyatt was eating a wide variety of food textures and finishing his meal during a timely manner. Wyatt can now verbalize information and stories appropriately to his parents and siblings. He is thriving in school and is now using age appropriate language and speech for his age level.

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