A.U.E.E., exciting changes from T2K Adminstrator Jerre van den Bent

A.U.E.E.   from Adminstrator Jerre van den Bent On November 9th, we are formally rolling out our new leadership structure, as well as our new and deeply enhanced “menu” of career enrichment opportunities. This new professional growth extravaganza is the result of more than six months of hard work by T2K upper management. I would like to recognize our HR Director Ira Kirkley for his leadership on this massive undertaking. I hope that you will take advantage of the many opportunities that we are rolling out. There are so many new growth opportunities, I feel confident in saying that there will be one that fits every employee’s needs. The new menu of career enrichment opportunities brings us back in line with the two guiding principles I had when I founded THERAPY 2000. First, I wanted to be “the employer of choice” for the most passionate and specialized therapists and support staff. I want T2K to be an agency that offers the Absolutely Ultimate Employee Experience or A.U.E.E. (oh how I love my acronyms… J) to everyone who chooses to belong to the company. Second, I wanted THERAPY 2000 to be an agency that would value and respect every patient who we served, and through its workforce, would offer exceptional quality of care to all of the families we serve. In other words, by offering an A.U.E.E. to our employees, we expect our employees to offer an Absolutely Ultimate Quality of Care Experience (A.U.Q.C.E.) to the families we serve. Over the past twelve years, we have adhered to these principles successfully the majority of the time. As far as offering an A.U.E.E., we have consistently attracted and retained the “best and brightest” clinicians and support personnel. We have experienced high job satisfaction offering a rich employee experience, instead of simply “a […]

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