Expect More

Friday, March 21st, is World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD). The date was chosen for the significance of the genetic disorder, trisomy of the 21st chromosome. One in every 691 American babies are born with Down syndrome making it the most common genetic disorder. The date is celebrated to bring awareness and promote the fact that people living with Down syndrome can live happy, healthy and fulfilling lives. One of our THERAPY 2000 parents has been a constant activist for the Down syndrome community at large and her son, Tim. This year the family put together one of the largest teams for North Texas Buddy Walk, raising $4,000 to support the cause. Theresa knows the importance of raising awareness that children with Down syndrome can lead rich, fulfilling and happy lives. Theresa and Tim have maintained a relationship with Kathy Gamble, Tim’s former THERAPY 2000 PTA. Kathy worked with Tim from age 15 months until he was five and a half years old. This team of three has been out in the community advocating for Tim and other kids like him. One thing the threesome has done for the last three years is participate as guest speakers for a Texas Womens University Child Development class. Kathy and Tim share the benefits of physical therapy through live demonstrations of exercises they would do together in normal home therapy sessions, bringing the text book to life. The response from the students is always incredible.  After Kathy and Tim demonstrate techniques for the class, Theresa talks to the students about Tim’s life.  This year they shared an article Theresa wrote on having a child with Down syndrome called Expect More. The article discusses the importance of keeping high expectations for all kids and how it affects who they become. It is important to expect more from every […]

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