Mom Next Door- Crystal Lopez

Crystal’s daughter Journey, a THERAPY 2000 patient, has  a rare disease called Mitochondrial disease.  She also receives therapy for Apraxia. This month,  Journey her mother and sister are on the cover of Thrive magazine bringing awareness to these conditions. Thrive magazine is a resource for families of children with learning differences and special needs.  Read her whole story here

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THERAPY 2000 recently announced largest payroll deduction contributor to the Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC

  THERAPY 2000 was recently announced as the largest payroll contributor to Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC.   Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H) The mission of the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H) is to advocate for ethical practices, quality, and economic viability of licensed providers of home and community support services in Texas. It focuses it efforts in communication, education, public information, advocacy and representation. Learn more about the Texas Association for Home Care & Hospice (TAHC&H) here   The Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC is the sixth biggest health care PAC in Texas and is 1,200 members strong.Over sixty employees from THERAPY 2000 currently support the Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC  with a total payroll contribution amount of $519 each pay period and $13,496.08 a year. The average contribution amount is $9 per pay period or $234/year per contributing employee. Member agencies participating in payroll deduction make up about 64% of individual contributors, making payroll deduction and very important financial resource for the Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC . Physical therapy assistant Eddie de la Cruz shared why he participates in payroll deduction, “As home healthcare professionals we share a collective responsibility to ensure the home care remain vibrant, healthy and mobile.  When we support the Texas Home Care and Hospice PAC  we are kept in the loop on issues, and given opportunities to voice concerns before laws are passed.  Often this means a quick phone call to our representative to show our support or disapproval for a particular bill.  Or, as my kids say it’s ‘easy breezy mac and cheesy’.” Payroll deduction strengthens the home care and hospice industry’s ability to influence which politicians get elected in statewide races.  The home care employees who contribute help to broaden our support, provide […]

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We need your stuff! Donate to the C2K yard sale on April 20th!

One Man’s trash is another man’s treasure! – Famous Proverb Please donate your gently used items to the Chari-T2000 yard sale being held on Saturday,  April 20th! Donations are being accepted through April 15th.  Boxes are available at the corporate office. Please drop off donations at corporate or your home office. It’s a win-win! You Spring clean and Chari-t2000 gets some green for a good cause. Have questions? Want to donate you time for pricing or helping the day of? Contact Becky Burgess at Items are tax deductible. ITEMS WANTED: Electronics Clothes Tools Sporting Equipment Bicycles Toys (not broken) Household Items Furniture Books (especially children’s books) Gardening Equipment Jewelry Miscellaneous (wall hangings, quilts, bedding)

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