Why Consider Virtual, Online Pediatric Therapy?


How You and Your Child Can Benefit from Care at Home Online, virtual pediatric speech therapy, occupational therapy, or physical therapy provides benefits beyond the current need for social distancing. Not all therapies can be successfully administered remotely. Aquatic therapy and feeding strategies for children with swallowing disorders are examples of therapies that must be […]

Language Success Story- Carolina

smileing girl

Carolina is a joyful (and now) very talkative 5-year-old with a diagnosis of Phonological Disorder. Phonological disorder is a type of speech sound disorder, which means a child or adult has difficulty saying sounds clearly making them difficult to understand. Carolina began therapy with Early Childhood Intervention (ECI) but continued to exhibit difficulty with her […]

Speech Therapy Success Story- Jane

jane 2

Jane is an 11-year-old girl who enjoys playing with Beanie Babies and Barbie dolls. Her parents referred Jane for speech therapy due to concerns about her difficulties with speaking clearly and completing given tasks such as daily chores without repeated reminders. Jane’s overall speech intelligibility was notably compromised and was comprehensive to listeners about 50% […]

Speech Therapy Patient Spotlight: Josue

jouse 1

Josue is a very happy 4-year-old boy who loves Lightning McQueen, playing games with his little sister and friends, and watching movies. Josue was diagnosed with a Specific Developmental Disorder of Motor Function and a Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder. He started receiving speech therapy services with Therapy 2000 in May of 2018. When therapy began, […]

Before they were SLP Interns, they were superheroes in Uganda

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In Spring 2018, Louise Havron and Marissa Fretz had the unique opportunity to spend their final graduate school externship working with Hope Speaks, a nonprofit organization developed to provide speech therapy, advocacy, and education to children and adults across Kampala, Uganda. While in Uganda, Louise and Marissa worked with children and families who have faced […]