Patient Success Story: Carlyn

Carlyn was 18-months-old when I walked into her home for the first time. She looked at me with distrust while she played with small pieces of scrambled eggs. When I looked at those chubby cheeks and she gave me the serious look, I knew that I had a long way to go but never expected to learn so much about determination and trust. Carlyn was born on January 14th, at thirty-seven weeks with a jejunal atresia and christmas tree deformity. She underwent a total of five surgical procedures throughout her first eight months of life, requiring a prolonged hospital stay due to intestinal infections, multiple obstructions to severe liver damage (caused by TPN nutrition and high dose lipid use). Oral feeds were started and stopped, increased and decreased until she had an NG tube and finally a G-tube was placed. The last surgery resulted in 15cm of intestines being removed. A week after this last surgery, feeds were started. Carlyn was finally discharged on August 28th on twelve hours of TPN, Lipids, IV antibiotics, Protonix, and twenty-four hour g-tube feeds at a rate of 4ml/hr. She was allowed to have 15ml bottles of breast milk or Elecare every 3-4 hours. Around her first birthday feeds were condensed into 1-2 hour increments and Carlyn started drinking more. By mid–April, tube feeds were completely stopped. Carlyn’s bilirubin was below 1. Carlyn received therapy from a different company since November of 2010 and mother’s main concern at the time was that Carlyn would gag/projectile vomit if anything with texture was placed in her mouth. The only calories she was really getting were from formula in a bottle. Carlyn was admitted by THERAPY 2000 in July of 2010 and she was already putting small pieces of soft consistencies in her mouth, then spitting and […]

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