We Need Your Help

Dear Friends and Families of THERAPY 2000: The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) recently changed the payment rate for therapy services for children covered under the Texas Medicaid program. In addition to decreases for evaluation and re-evaluation rates, the HHSC plans to decrease speech, language and feeding services by 27% effective September 1, 2015. These rates will deny children from receiving quality therapy service in the long term. WE NEED YOUR HELP NOW! HERE ARE THREE WAYS YOU CAN HELP. 1. PLEASE CALL THE DISTRICT OFFICE OF YOUR STATE OF TEXAS SENATOR AND REPRESENTATIVE. Click here to find out who represents you in Congress and their direct office phone numbers: THERAPY 2000 is asking you to call both your Texas Senator and Representative today. Here is an outline of what you should include in the brief conversation: Introduce yourself and tell a little bit about the services you receive from THERAPY 2000. Tell them that the cuts proposed by The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) will threaten the much needed services your child(ren) receive(s). Ask for your Senator and Representative to contact HHSC Commissioner Chris Traylor and ask for a delay of implementation of these cuts until the utilization data and therapy study can be fully investigated Let the offices know that if they have further questions they should contact Jennifer Riley, or 214/986-8046. 2. PLEASE ATTEND THE RATE HEARING IN AUSTIN, TEXAS ON JULY 20TH, 9 AM. A public hearing is scheduled to hear testimony from all who will be affected by the proposed cuts. THERAPY 2000 is calling on all interested patients, families and friends to testify. Please come and share your story of how therapy has benefited you or someone you know. Share what a lack of access to these services would bring […]

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