“I’ve been with Therapy 2000 going on four years and I worked in the East Texas division for a couple of years and recently we had to relocate to Houston. Leaving East Texas was hard because I really enjoyed working with everyone; that is a great group of people over there and I will always think fondly of my time there where I learned a lot. When we found out we were moving, I was happy to be able to stay with Therapy 2000 but I was anticipating a difficult transition from being a team manager to a full time field staff in a city I knew nothing about. But once I started, I felt right at home. Everyone here has made me feel so welcomed and part of the group from the beginning. I’m very happy to be working with another great group. After a while, I had an opportunity to once again be in a leadership role and it felt good to be able to support this growing division. I’m excited to see what the future holds here in Houston and so thankful to be a part of it.”

Estefania Sardinea MS, CCC-SLP
Houston Clinical Manager
Therapy 2000, Houston Division

“I wanted to share a sweet story from one of the patients I have been working with since February. Therapy 2000’s mission is to improve the lives of their patients, but sometimes our lives are the ones that end up changed.

Today was my last day working with one of my patients and his family. I say the patient AND the family because I have truly worked with the ENTIRE family! The child’s mother, father, brother, and sister are always present during my session. I made a point to include at least one or two members in the family during each session. They are one of the ONLY families that demonstrates true compliance to the Home Exercise Program; they are ideal! I have seen tremendous improvement in this child’s language and articulation because the child’s mother is so attentive to her child’s needs. I’ve told her many times that she should have been a speech pathologist. I’m convinced she gives better prompts than I do! 

At the end of today’s session, the patient’s mom asked if I would like to sit down and have dinner with them. Mom asked the child to invite me to the table for dinner…..a true generalization of the skills we have been targeting! The mom had prepared Pakistani meat pies, lentil bread, and sweet donuts. We sat together and enjoyed the food and company. I am so blessed to work with such a caring and attentive family. I can count on one hand how many times I have NOT been sent home with a snack, dinner, or some kind of homemade dessert. I’VE EATEN GOAT!!!! This was very special to me for many reasons. This family is Muslim and I am a devout Catholic; however, each of us have been able to share stories about our cultures, religions, and home. I’ve told them about my trip to the Holy Land and what it was like growing up in New Orleans. They’ve told me all about living in Pakistan and their diet restrictions. Today’s session was more about ME receiving education instead of the family receiving education, suggestions, or a home program packet. Tomorrow begins a month long fast for their religion, and they were eager to share their reasoning behind the fast and to have one last treat before Ramadan begins! These special moments are very few and far between and a family showing such kindness and love has been one was the greatest gifts I have ever received.”

Aimee Dufreche, M.S.,CCC-SLP
Speech-Language Pathologist
Houston Division

“I began with an undergraduate degree in animal behavior studying language acquisition in dolphins and not knowing how different of a path my life would lead me down. My background in the learning psychology led me to take a job in Houston working with children with learning difficulties, where I took business responsibilities such as becoming a manager. It was working with the clients, however, that I  was truly passionate about so I began graduate school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. During that time I was assigned to a Fall externship with Therapy 2000. Working with Therapy 2000 showed me my passion for working with children with feeding, swallowing, and language disorders but it was the team and mentor experience was absolutely exceptional. Having a previous career I knew the importance of working with a great team and a company who is passionate about their employees’ success and happiness, so as I prepared to graduate with my Masters I reached back out to Therapy 2000. I am so excited to have become a member of a team with positive, creative, and passionate people to help me become the best therapist I can be for my clients.” 

Stephanie Henderson, SLP
Feeding Specialty Team – Houston Division
Therapy 2000

“After working in the school systems for 17 years I was nervous about making the change to full-time pediatric home health. Everyone from the office assistance to the owner of the company, Jerre, helped make it a smooth transition. I enjoy interacting with families of all different ethnic origins. Being able assist families to help their child meet simple milestones is rewarding beyond words. Families appreciate every little thing that you do for their special needs child. And that makes my heart so full and my job so fulfilling.”

Jan Coons, Occupational Therapist
Therapy 2000 – Houston Division

“During my time at Therapy 2000, I have been welcomed with open arms, smiles, and enjoyable conversations. Management provides unconditional support, guidance, and mentorship to their therapists. I love being a therapist at Therapy 2000!”

Ambrosia Coltrane, MOT, OTR, CKTP, NTMTC
Occupational Therapist
High Risk Infant & Toddler Program Manager
Clinical Specialist – Houston Division