“I began with an undergraduate degree in animal behavior studying language acquisition in dolphins and not knowing how different of a path my life would lead me down. My background in the learning psychology led me to take a job in Houston working with children with learning difficulties, where I took business responsibilities such as becoming a manager. It was working with the clients, however, that I  was truly passionate about so I began graduate school to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. During that time I was assigned to a Fall externship with Therapy 2000. Working with Therapy 2000 showed me my passion for working with children with feeding, swallowing, and language disorders but it was the team and mentor experience was absolutely exceptional. Having a previous career I knew the importance of working with a great team and a company who is passionate about their employees’ success and happiness, so as I prepared to graduate with my Masters I reached back out to Therapy 2000. I am so excited to have become a member of a team with positive, creative, and passionate people to help me become the best therapist I can be for my clients.” 

Stephanie Henderson, SLP
Feeding Specialty Team – Houston Division
Therapy 2000

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