Amanda g

Amanda G.


Speech Language Pathologist | Clinical Manager-Speech | Clinical Feeding Specialist

“I love working in the home as it provides unique opportunity to not only see a child in their natural environment but also provides extensive opportunity to coach and encourage caregivers. The bond between clinicians, parents, and patients is unique when you spend time each and every week in their home.”

“I came to Therapy 2000 for many reasons including the flexibility in my schedule, the population we serve, and the positive leadership company wide, but Therapy 2000’s pursuit of clinical excellence was probably the biggest draw. I appreciate that there are supports in place to help me be a better therapist and provide the most up to date evidence-based therapy available. There are mentors all along the way for not just documentation questions but clinical questions as well. Positive and supportive mentors are always available!”

“If you are considering pediatric home health, look for a company that has a great support system and positive team dynamics. A strong group of coworkers can make the tough days better and makes the job more fun!”