Elizabeth b

Elizabeth B., PT, DPT, PCS

Therapy 2000 and Green Apple Therapy

Division Director DFW/Abilene

Physical Therapist

Pediatric Certified Specialist

“Hi! My name is Elizabeth Bryant. I’ve been a PT with Therapy 2000 for 13 years. During this time, I’ve served in a variety of roles from full time field therapist, and now as Division Director for DFW/Abilene. I’m originally from Georgia and will cheer for the Bulldogs forever! I’ve been married for 13 years as well and I’m a mom to 2 little girls. As a family, our favorite thing to do is travel and adventure to anywhere and everywhere! My favorite places we have been are the Amazon River in Brazil and New Zealand; though Wyoming is my favorite place in the US! I love my family, my dogs, peaches, kayaking, and pie!”

“There is SO much freedom in home health. Freedom to work your schedule in ways that is truly best for patients and your own family. Freedom to share HEP advice and manage your therapy sessions and your day from beginning to end. Freedom to be out and about and not in a clinic or hospital with few windows and dependence on so many factors. Freedom to play with kids in the actual places the need help (bedrooms, backyard, bathrooms, playgrounds, kitchen etc). And all the flexibility to change things up! No day ever looks the same!!”

“T2K truly works hard to grow people into the therapists and employees they want to be! There is an endless number of avenues for growth. If someone is brave enough to make their strengths and desires known, they will be given opportunities they never imagined to grow their skills and career!”

“My advice to someone considering pediatric home health is to give it a shot and be brave!!! The amount of good you can do within a patient’s family, home, and life, is truly endless! if you’ll just give yourself the chance!!